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Cute Fruits

While present shopping today Ming, myself and a few friends came across this adorable calender at Iko Iko.

I see it’s also available online at Go figure.

The pics inside are even cuter!

Slice of Kiwi

Kiwifruit Brooch

Kiwi fruit brooch from elwert at felt.

If you had erasers like these, you would either make mistakes on purpose so you could use them, or try hard never to make mistakes so you could keep them forever.

Gummy Bear Eraser/Sharpener

Found these cute Gummi Bear erasers from See Jane Work via a distinctly awesome Gummi Bear related post by Jessie at The Hungry Mouse.

Sundae and chocolate biscuit from itasho mini eraser collection. They have some adorelicious erasers over there.

I’m sure I used to have a set of these when I was little. Either that or I was envious of another girl in my class who must have had them. They are fruit slices but they look like candies too. Found at Daytona Vending.

These food puppets are supposed to be educational and used to teach kids about healthy food. But I would just get distracted doing silly voices. Also… I have this imagery of a child crying after being told to “eat me most!” by one of the veges.

Fruit and Vegetable Puppet Sets

From Neat Solutions.

Take aways

Via We Covet: Cake handbag from Tokyo Jazz Panda.

Cake Handbag

Via style frizz: Red Delicious and Anjou Pear from Judith Leiber:

Red Delicious

Anjou Pear

Hambag and friends from Garudio Studiage:


Food Fabrics

I would imagine you would have very sweet dreams if you went to bed with a quilt made of these fabrics.

Apple Pies Fabric

Apple pies from J & O Fabrics.


Chocolates on pink from Elkabee’s Fabric Paradise.


Sundaes by Michael Miller from Fabric Lovers.

Fortune cookies and Sushi fabrics by Dan Morris from Robert Kaufman.

Watermelon Hats! ’nuff said.

From The Hat Lady of Maine:

Watermelon Hat

From The Ivy Basket:


Via hypebeast, this tearaway fitted hat from estate:

estate la watermelon tearaway 1 Estate LA Watermelon Tearaway Fitted Cap

Kitty melon hat from ShoriAmeshiko over at etsy:

Suikaneko - Watermelon Kitty - Fleece Hat

Best for last. Wally Amos Watermelon Hat over at Costume Craze.

Wally Amos Watermelon Hat


Why do all my posts based on food? Lets start switching it up and do it based on “stuff”.

Key rings.


What a smorgasboard! (My fave is the shrimp) Found this selection of mini food keyrings at  DIY Trade.

One of my dad’s suggestions for this blog was a fried egg key ring. Finally I found one on eBay.

From the Keyring store comes these Slide Show Keyrings:

In their words:

“The fruit has eyes, which is a strange twist, but to make things even more exciting, point the eyes towards the light and a miniature slide show of photos or images is shown.”

If that wasn’t exciting enough – I’m sure that these are new hybrid fruit, because I’ve never seen bright yellow strawberries before. I could just be living a sheltered life.

Well done

Do you think you could apply different filters on it with photoshop and then you could change how cooked it looks?
Could you use brown paint for gravy?
What do you think those pink things are?
So many questions!!!
P.S. all the cutlery is also papercraft!

This cute little costume was created by Tom Arma. My sister (the one NOT having the baby) loves his site.


This Under the Nile Grape toy is from Amazon. I love it’s little face peeking out. If there were such things as Grape fairies I think it would look like this.

Under The Nile Grape Toy

I came across this gorgeous Grape baby hat via For the Love of Cute. (What a cute food post btw!).


It’s from WoolyKnitsNBits over at Etsy.