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Would have had to watch that he didn’t burn his mouth on this one!

Staub Pumpkin Cast Iron Soup Cocotte (what a mouthful!) found at Culina.

Before starting this blog, we had a look for other blogs that did ‘Things that look like food’. The only thing that I really found that I liked was this post over at Kaboodle by soofaye.

I love the peas in a pod necklace  from shanalogic that was in the list:

Peas in a Pod Necklace

So lets look at some other peas in a pod.

Stress Relieving Edamame Bean Stress Relieving Edamame Bean

Ok, so it’s beans not peas – but these things are so cute. Edamame bean stress reliever at Amazon.

Angelbean had these salt and pepper shakers and candles sets listed as wedding favours!

They are really cute.. but I’m not sure I would want my guests feeling like they were in the vegetable aisle of the supermarket… or do I?

These cute buns from Breadou Donut are actually for relieving stress or for use as a wrist rest. They look and smell like little bread rolls.

I’ve seen them around in shops when I was in Thailand  and didn’t think that they served any other purpose than to look cute and smell good! Although I saw versions that were key chains and mobile phone decorations.

breadou emoticon - happy coffee cream breadou emoticon - vanilla dream breadou emoticon - berry sweetie

Breadou Donuts - Funny, Unique, Unusual Birthday Gifts!

Thanks to Celeste for sending me the link!

Always find yourself running late and having your pants fall around your ankles? No? Well… me neither *shifty eyes*.

But in case you do, why not call on your love of pork products and invest in these two accessories.

With this smiling fella, you’d be looking at your watch so often you would never be late.

Why not match your accessories with this porcine belt? Everyone knows that nothing goes better with Bacon than more Bacon. Right?

Both the Bacon Watch and Bacon Belt were found at Archie McPhee.

You see Sushi

I personally LOVE when people make things sushi themed. Luckily there is plenty of it.


Sushi Hair Clippies by STUDIOofWHIMSY at Etsy.

Sushi Bouffant Surgical Hat

I guess the deft hands of a well trained sushi chef could be compared to those of a surgeon. Maybe?

This ‘bouffant hat’ was found at Designer Hospital Gowns.

Adorable Sushi plushies found at ThinkGeek. Salmon + Rice = huggable? Obviously!

Hawt Dawg!

Nothing like a sausage in a bun to make you feel like…

Fun Hotdog Soap

Having a bath?

Found this hot dog soap being sold by LoveLeeSoaps over at Etsy.

Now I just need shampoo, conditioner and moituriser in mustard, ketchup and those Japanese Mayo Kewpie bottles. I couldn’t find any – but there’s a gimmick that I’d like to see.

Today I hosted my sister’s baby shower, so decided to look for something baby related to share.

I found this.

A baby’s banana shaped toothbrush at Bippity Boppity Baby. Perfect for your little primate’s first teeth.

Cosy Cupcakes

Quilting and Cupcakes. What could make you feel more cosy and snuggly? Here a few prime examples:

Cupcake Quilt

I love that they have included the cupcake holder in this one available from Sizzix.


This cupcake patchwork was made by Jenni as a 30th birthday present for a friend. Such beautiful colours, and I like to imagine the buttons extra sprinkles or confetti! Check out Jenni’s blog at Talula the Second.


The rose and polka dot combo doubles the cosiness on this quilted design from Vintage Collage & Quilts by Sandy Berry.

I just wish that more real life cupcakes came with cherries on top!