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I <3 Sylvania

I collect Sylvanian Families, so how could I not feature these cool sets of mini food:

*NEW* Scrumptious Sandwiches Set - Ref: K43

Dinner Set - Ref: K19

Kitchen Cookery Set - Ref: K38

Fruit Soap

When I was last in Thailand I saw this awesome fruit soap making kit.

So cutes! I can’t read the site where it came from, but it’s over at Girls Channel. I almost bought myself a kit, but it would have been too heavy with the amount of shopping I had already done!

Although I notice the continued trend of the yellow strawberry. Where can I find those?

Heidi Kenney

Heidi Kenney is a bit of an inspiration for this blog. She makes amazingly cute plushies, often of food.

Check out her site My Paper Crane.

While searching for some crochet to feature on the site, I came across Crochet Pattern Central. It has some fun links to patterns such as these:

Half dozen eggs from Bitter Sweet.


Jellied cranberry sauce from Alicia Kachmar. I wish I had found this when I was doing the holiday posts!

If I’m still going next year I will have to raid it again for inspiration!

Sushi Bootie

These cute little sushi booties are from sushibooties at etsy.

Sushi Baby Booties - Size 0 to 4 Months


Oh man!

In celebration of the ginger bread stuffed Turkey I ate today, here are some Gingerbread Man themed items.

 Sexy Boy

Sexy boy massage bar from Lush.

Image of Gingerbread Dice

Gingerbread dice in soap from Geeky Clean.

Large image

Gingerbread man soap from lilywhites-handmade at Folksy.

Image of Anna Chambers Gingerbread Man #20

Anna Chambers’ gingerbread man from Schmancy.


Tom Arma Gingerbread baby costume.


Merry Christmas everyone! 2 posts today.. because it’s Christmas.. not because I didn’t post yesterday.. not at all!

 Lil Lush Pud

Lil Lush Pud from Lush. I got one of these under the tree today from my sister. It’s delightful!

Candy apples

New DKNY women’s fragrance range smells like candy and looks like candy apples! Delicious is about right!

Comes in Ripe Raspberry, Juicy Berry, and Sweet Carmel.

Delicious Ripe Raspberry Candy Apple 1.7 Oz.


Ice cubes count as food!

From bean forest at etsy.

The Big Breakfast pin...
Big breakfast pin from pippin design at etsy.

1 badgepin ice lolly - PICK N MIX design YOUR OWN plush ice lollies
Plush ice lollie badges from treaclezoo at etsy.


These cute carrot, bean and banana rattles are found at The Organic Toy Company.

Nanchen Organic Carrot, Banana and Bean Rattles from The Organic Toy Company