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Cute Custard

I had yum cha today, so here is a custard tart cell phone accessory from uxcell. It’s so happy! Which is just how I feel when I eat yum cha!


Ok, over the top nail art kind of grosses me out. But, I have to tip my hat to these promoters of the fake delicious.

watermelon nails.jpg

Watermelons featured at Cakehead – where they talk about nail art vending machines!

1UPcoolpics or Y*U*M*M*Y ( I can’t figure out what they are actually called) features some amazing pics of nail art, including these fast food and candy ones:

A 3D ice cream set from ioffer.


Sushi set featured at Fashion Freak and the Friction.


I also found out you can buy these polymer clay tubes which you slice to put on your nails.


These are from Ali Express.

And here is an example of how you can use them:


From My Tiny World – and they also have tutorials.

How about these here awesome fruit speakers.

Fruit Style Personal Musical Speaker Neck Pillow for iPod or MP3 Player

Strawberry Red Sound Music Speaker Pillow for 3.5mm mp3 mp4

Fruit cushion speakers from Sourcing Map.

USB Computer Speaker Squash Vegetable Fruit Speaker Pair

Squash speaker from Amazon.

Watermelon - Click Image to Close
Purple Cabbage - Click Image to Close
Banana - Click Image to Close

Laptop speakers from Web Shop.

Sew tasty!

How many sew/so puns can I keep using in a post title? You’ll forgive me, right?

The pattern for these felt foods are on sale at Felt by LisaJHoney.

Felt Food Sewing Pattern - pdf format - Party Food

Party food.

Felt Food Sewing Pattern - pdf format - Breakfast Food

Breakfast food!

Since I was already going a head with my lettuce snack plate post. I thought featuring some other lettuce serving dishes would be good.

PhotoPhotoBaby tomato and lettuce themed salad bowl on Trade Me.


Lobster and lettuce themed serving plate on Trade Me.


Lobster and lettuce egg serving plate on Trade Me. This is so awesomely kitch on so many levels!

Snack plate

My sister had mentioned to me that she liked these tea cups with saucers that had extra space to put a biscuit. I’ve been keeping an eye out for them. Today, a friend let me know that in the USA they are called snack plates! Then I managed to find this awesome example from BJMoore at Etsy.

VINTAGE  SNACK SET                                              TOMATOES AND LETTUCE LEAVES                                                              1960s'

VINTAGE  SNACK SET                                              TOMATOES AND LETTUCE LEAVES                                                              1960s'

That’s tomato aaaand lettuce.

Although I think my sister likes the ones that are kinda round for the saucer and an extra round bit for the snack.

This post was brought to you today by the letter A, and this awesome episode of Axe Cop featuring Avocado Soldier.


Silver avocado from Mayfair Silver. Suggested use is paperweight.

Progressive™ 3-Piece Guacamole Bowl Set

Avocado guacamole bowl from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Fake Delicious style with food jewellery.

Cupcake RingGolden Sweet

Cupcake ring and golden sweet from Tattooley Rose.

Jewelry thumbnail

Cupcake ring from Emma-Jane & Tan.

Gold and diamond cupcake pendant and cupcake box from 7x7Diamonds.

Sterling Silver Multi-Colored Diamond Cupcake Pendant, 18"

Silver cupcake pendant on Amazon.

And I really love this Betsey Johnson cupcake ring (with mini mouse inside!):



There’s nothing more romantic than having dinner by candle light… unless it’s candles like this.

beer candle

From Guangzhou Madina Crafts Factory.

Beer Candle

Instructions on how to make this classic Beer Candle are available from

And for extra ambience (and maybe some of that beer goggle affect)…

Beer Scented Candle

Beer scented candle from lighterside.

I love eating Mangosteens, so I thought I would see if I could find anything for the site. Then I came across the Mangosteen resort and spa, that had almost all the mangosteen you could want… except a mangosteen cushion. That woulda been cool.

Mangosteen candle


Mangosteen Cocktail Sticks (resin)

Cocktail sticks

Mangosteen Massage Oil Set (ceramic)

Massage oil set

And I full-screen-photo-love this shower set: