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Sour Sink

How refreshing it would be to wash up here!



Lemon Sink designed by Cenk Kara featured on

This jewellery featuring Popcorn from Q-Pot is awesome!

Featured at Ladies’ Gadgets.

If I saw someone wearing this stuff at the movie theatre I would wonder what they were doing with the junk food spilled on themselves!


Keeping up with the crochet theme, here is a cute radish!

I love how it looks amongst the real vegetables. Pattern found at BitterSweet.

Check out these corn and cucumber crochet pot holders.

Corn and Cucumber potholder Pot Holder Vintage Crochet Pattern

Pattern found at ecrater. It’s cool how they slip onto the handle.

Fruity Cuties

So in my internet wanders I came across Fruity Cuties. A site with ‘corny’ puns and cute characters which you can buy on these buttons and shirts:

Fruity Cuties button badge set 2 - Melon, Coconut, Strawberry and PeachFruity Cuties button badges - Starfruit, Orange, Banana skin, Cherry twins

Berry Rude T-shirt

Incredibly Cute and Fruity – go figure!

Sushi Tie

So there you are, sitting at a moving Sushi train, and you can’t decide which Sushi to pick. Just hold your tie out, close your eyes and pick! Or you could just do the same and whichever sushi is in front of you at the time, just pick that. But you should still wear the tie, just to you know, be cool.

Click to EnlargeClick to Enlarge

In ‘Ginger’ or Blue at PEM Shop.

Don’t wear these near Cookie Monster – unless you like slober in your hair.

Cookies-N-Milk Hairclips

Cookies N Milk from Shanalogic.

Love Heart Cookie Hair Pin

Love heart from Fancy Pocket.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Hairclip

Chocolate Chip from Baby Loves Pink.

Towel Cakes

When ever I see these towel cakes it always makes me hungry.. but instead I can only use them to wash my face… It’s not faaaiir!

Towel Cake Set from Le Patissier

Found at Japan Trend Shop. Although I’ve been seeing them at my local $2 shop too.

What do they have in common? Well they are both themes for these stationary sets:



Found at From Japan with Love.

Big Apple

I think this would be more impressive if you could see it next to a person:

This Big Apple from Archie McPhee & Co is 6 foot tall (not including the stem) and I think it’s for promotional purposes.