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I have a sore throat today so I’ve been thinking about lemon and honey. But these versions are not yummy, they are just kinda cool.

Honey comb ring from soflamasri at etsy.

Dripping honey pot wind charm from Uncle Big Bad’s World of Whatever.

Lemon slice earrings at Abataba.

Vintage lemon earrings by RobinsEggBlue at Lemon Treasures.

Lemon wind chime from Silk Flower Depot.

It’s all very interesting, but I still have a sore throat.. maybe if I add some ginger?

Ginger root plush from GoBuggy at Etsy.


Don’t this little macarons look adorable. They are felted play toys available from mypoppet. Available in lemon, raspberry or lavender “flavour”.

Thanks to Ming for the link.

I kinda realised that I missed a big opportunity for food costumes for Halloween. So thought I would look for some, and came across the site Team Mascots. It has heaps of food costumes that you can buy like the ones below.

I think they are scary enough for Halloween.

Look no further than Susan Penny’s Knitted cakes!


20 different kinds of knitted cake? That’s 20 different warm fuzzies you could have! Great for that gluten free option too 😛

Thanks to my big sister for the link!

I haven’t posted for a while, and don’t think I’m going to meet my aim of completing all the entries in time.

But because of peer pressure, I guess I should at least put something up 🙂

What better than this adorable sushi set?

Lovely Japanese Sushi Set Pattern PDFI love the tentacle sushi, and the heart shaped sushi is soo cute I want to cuddle it! You could never just swoop up and cuddle real food. Well, not without getting a bit messy. This is why Fake Delicious is so awesome.

Sushi Set pattern by julyhobby at etsy.

Thanks to Evie for showing it to me!