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Why do all my posts based on food? Lets start switching it up and do it based on “stuff”.

Key rings.


What a smorgasboard! (My fave is the shrimp) Found this selection of mini food keyrings at  DIY Trade.

One of my dad’s suggestions for this blog was a fried egg key ring. Finally I found one on eBay.

From the Keyring store comes these Slide Show Keyrings:

In their words:

“The fruit has eyes, which is a strange twist, but to make things even more exciting, point the eyes towards the light and a miniature slide show of photos or images is shown.”

If that wasn’t exciting enough – I’m sure that these are new hybrid fruit, because I’ve never seen bright yellow strawberries before. I could just be living a sheltered life.

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  1. Giffy

    The first pic is almost a yum cha of keyrings!

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