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A few days ago I was in a local asian supermarket and saw a cute candy container that was shaped like a giant golden apple. I kinda assumed it was some kinda new years treat thing, since they don’t usually have them. It was very cool, but since I didn’t really neeeeeeed it, I didn’t buy it. However, I am gonna use it as a spin-off point for this post.

So did some searching and Alibaba has these cute candy dishes.

Okay, so maybe a rabbit doesn’t count as fake delicious – but that is clearly a carrot on it’s back, which does!

The only fake delicious image I could get of a traditional candy box was this one from Cafe World wikia:

Hmmmm fake delicious video games are pretty awesome, I should really feature them more!

I’ve seen a few of these containers around, and they are simply awesome. My friend says that should always be filled with Tangy Apple lollies. I love that idea!

Apple container - Fruit Bowl

As you can see, from Hart and Heim.

Such a Crock!

I totally love this Crock pot! Not that I really ever use one, but if I get my own home, I would love to have one of these.

Product ImageProduct Image

Lodge apple enamel crock pot from Target.

I would even just have it around my house for decoration!

Nothing like a tea pot with a little model of your table to make you feel like you have just taken one of Alice in Wonderland’s potions.

Check out these pots from Trojan Horse Antiques and Collectibles.




I’m not feeling funny enough to make a stool sample joke, so feel free to think up some similar potty humour on your own.




I’m not too sure of the name of the site these are from. It’s not in english, but might be rakuten judging by the address.

I have this feeling somewhere that there is a giant set of teeth that needs a giant tooth pick after taking that bite of corn.

Big Apple

I think this would be more impressive if you could see it next to a person:

This Big Apple from Archie McPhee & Co is 6 foot tall (not including the stem) and I think it’s for promotional purposes.

Ok not just fruit because there is that one teacup set one. But these adorable sponges are found at From Japan with love.

Kawaii Cute Kitchen Sponge Set-3 in 1-Pot And BowlCute Japanese Sponge - GrapeCute Japanese Sponge-Cute Orange Apple And Peach

Cute Japanese Sponge-Cute BananaCute Japanese Sponge-Onigiri-Cute Rice BallCute Japanese Sponge-Mikan-Cute Orange

Cute Japanese Sponge-Cute OmeletteCute Japanese Sponge-Ringo-Cute Apple

Box it

I love the idea of storing your lunch in a food shaped container. It’s like the urge to eat the fake deliciousness is satisfied immediately.


If I were an apple or pear and had a banana for a friend, of course I would also use him as my own personal raft.

Or maybe I got it wrong. Are bananas the slaves of the fruit world?

Fruity lunch box from From Japan with love.

Main Product Picture - click to enlarge

Hamburger lunch box!!! from DealExtreme.

It even breaks down in layers.

Thought I’d take a look at what free vintage food art you can get online and I found these:

freevintageimagesretrofoodclipart4.jpg freevintageimagesretrofoodclipart1.jpgfreevintageimagesretrofoodclipart6.jpg

Lovely art from



Vintage Fruit Crate labels from Vintage Holiday Crafts.

Quilted Fruit

It’s a bit like the opposite for fruit salad. Mix up different bits to make just 1 piece of fruit.

Fruit designs from Steve Haskamp.

Juicy Fruit Pattern Large Image

Runners and Table mats by Pieced Tree at Create for less.

Fruit Salad Pincushions Pattern Miss Rosie's Quilt Company

Pin cushions at Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. from Fat Quarter Shop.