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Well, not that nice. Recently I discovered You Knit What?? a discontinued blog about ridiculous knitting patterns. It featured these three wonders:

And my fave…


This post has been written so that the tags show that we are more hungry for Baby!

3-Tier Diaper Cake Baby Shower Centerpiece Gift Basket - Modern Cherries

Diaper cake – 55 diapers and 2 fleece blankies from Baby Stores.

If you want to learn how to make Sushi baby socks follow this link to Zakka Life.

Or if you would rather leave it up to the professionals here is a very cute Suchi Bento from The Silly Wagon:

It has wash cloths and finger puppets!

And to finish with something sweet:

Cupcake washcloth and baby socks with bath bomb flower or heart shape on top GREAT FOR BABY SHOWERS or BIRTHDAYS

Washcloth, socks and bath bomb cupcake from Boutique Baby Bouquets on Etsy.

Since I’m going to a costumed event today (a LARP for any of you roleplayers out there), I thought I would find some food costumes for this post.

Found all these ones at Costume Craze, although there are some pretty awesome homemade ideas out there, that I might post about at another time.

Child Mac and Cheese Costume

Macaroni and Cheese.

Peeps Baby Costume


Adult Pizza Slice Costume

Pizza – as you can see from his expression, it comes with extra cheese.

Hot Dog Bunting Baby Costume

Hot dog.

This cute little costume was created by Tom Arma. My sister (the one NOT having the baby) loves his site.


This Under the Nile Grape toy is from Amazon. I love it’s little face peeking out. If there were such things as Grape fairies I think it would look like this.

Under The Nile Grape Toy

I came across this gorgeous Grape baby hat via For the Love of Cute. (What a cute food post btw!).


It’s from WoolyKnitsNBits over at Etsy.

Today I hosted my sister’s baby shower, so decided to look for something baby related to share.

I found this.

A baby’s banana shaped toothbrush at Bippity Boppity Baby. Perfect for your little primate’s first teeth.