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Juicy Juicy

So here I am, haven’t not posted for 2 weeks. 14 days. So lazy am I. I just have days were I don’t feel like posting, and sometimes it feels like too much work.

So my normal catch up solution is to do all the posts at once. But that seems a bit ridiculous for some reason. So instead I’m gonna try out doing 2 posts a day for two weeks.

Since I feel like after 2 weeks of no posting, probably no one else is reading this but me. So I can do it how I like anyway 🙂

My other fear for this site is that I might start posting double ups, loving something so much that I forget I’ve already posted about it. So if I do any double ups and someone points this out, well, I guess I’ll try to do a new post.

Ok, enough rambling, on to something fake delicious. I love these Juicy Couture charms:


That could be my favourite breakfast! I mean, who doesn’t like lemon and wedding cake on the side for breakfast?

Well, not that nice. Recently I discovered You Knit What?? a discontinued blog about ridiculous knitting patterns. It featured these three wonders:

And my fave…

Sew tasty!

How many sew/so puns can I keep using in a post title? You’ll forgive me, right?

The pattern for these felt foods are on sale at Felt by LisaJHoney.

Felt Food Sewing Pattern - pdf format - Party Food

Party food.

Felt Food Sewing Pattern - pdf format - Breakfast Food

Breakfast food!

Why? Because you will probably be curious to see if these taste as good as they look!

Bacon & Egg Plasters

Cupcake Plasters

Bacon and eggs, and cupcake bandages from Stardust kids.

The point of aprons is to keep your clothes clean. But when you have an apron as cute as these, then what are you supposed to do?

Burger and Fries

Saucy Salad Bowl

Good Morning

Found at Snappyshop on Etsy.


Ice cubes count as food!

From bean forest at etsy.

The Big Breakfast pin...
Big breakfast pin from pippin design at etsy.

1 badgepin ice lolly - PICK N MIX design YOUR OWN plush ice lollies
Plush ice lollie badges from treaclezoo at etsy.

Always find yourself running late and having your pants fall around your ankles? No? Well… me neither *shifty eyes*.

But in case you do, why not call on your love of pork products and invest in these two accessories.

With this smiling fella, you’d be looking at your watch so often you would never be late.

Why not match your accessories with this porcine belt? Everyone knows that nothing goes better with Bacon than more Bacon. Right?

Both the Bacon Watch and Bacon Belt were found at Archie McPhee.