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Posts tagged ‘Banana’

Fruity Cuties

So in my internet wanders I came across Fruity Cuties. A site with ‘corny’ puns and cute characters which you can buy on these buttons and shirts:

Fruity Cuties button badge set 2 - Melon, Coconut, Strawberry and PeachFruity Cuties button badges - Starfruit, Orange, Banana skin, Cherry twins

Berry Rude T-shirt

Incredibly Cute and Fruity – go figure!

Banana Phone!

Who wouldn’t want to turn their cell phone into a Banana Phone?

Banana cell phone cover found at Cellfoam.

Ok not just fruit because there is that one teacup set one. But these adorable sponges are found at From Japan with love.

Kawaii Cute Kitchen Sponge Set-3 in 1-Pot And BowlCute Japanese Sponge - GrapeCute Japanese Sponge-Cute Orange Apple And Peach

Cute Japanese Sponge-Cute BananaCute Japanese Sponge-Onigiri-Cute Rice BallCute Japanese Sponge-Mikan-Cute Orange

Cute Japanese Sponge-Cute OmeletteCute Japanese Sponge-Ringo-Cute Apple

Box it

I love the idea of storing your lunch in a food shaped container. It’s like the urge to eat the fake deliciousness is satisfied immediately.


If I were an apple or pear and had a banana for a friend, of course I would also use him as my own personal raft.

Or maybe I got it wrong. Are bananas the slaves of the fruit world?

Fruity lunch box from From Japan with love.

Main Product Picture - click to enlarge

Hamburger lunch box!!! from DealExtreme.

It even breaks down in layers.

These designs for Juice boxes have all been featured on Next Nature. The mind boggles and what could come!

Thanks to Svend for sending me the link!

Funky Lunch

While I was looking at Totally Funky for that last fruit post, I saw these awesome fruit containers:

Apple Lunch boxes and Banana holder

How about these here awesome fruit speakers.

Fruit Style Personal Musical Speaker Neck Pillow for iPod or MP3 Player

Strawberry Red Sound Music Speaker Pillow for 3.5mm mp3 mp4

Fruit cushion speakers from Sourcing Map.

USB Computer Speaker Squash Vegetable Fruit Speaker Pair

Squash speaker from Amazon.

Watermelon - Click Image to Close
Purple Cabbage - Click Image to Close
Banana - Click Image to Close

Laptop speakers from Web Shop.

Sew tasty!

How many sew/so puns can I keep using in a post title? You’ll forgive me, right?

The pattern for these felt foods are on sale at Felt by LisaJHoney.

Felt Food Sewing Pattern - pdf format - Party Food

Party food.

Felt Food Sewing Pattern - pdf format - Breakfast Food

Breakfast food!

Toy Food

I forgot that I had seen this in a while, but here is Neil Cicierega’s (of Harry Potter Puppet Pals fame) song featuring toy food.

Not real food. Do not eat.

And now to go crazy entering all the tags….

Tasty ears

I saw some of these headphones when I was in Thailand. Although they make me want candy whenever I see them.

Made by Elecom, seen online at gizmodo.

Which made me wonder what over delicious food headphones you could get. So I did a search and found these headsets over at craziest gadgets.

crazy food earphones