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These cute carrot, bean and banana rattles are found at The Organic Toy Company.

Nanchen Organic Carrot, Banana and Bean Rattles from The Organic Toy Company

Ok, so I’ve been slack (and wasn’t feeling well yesterday) and skipped a few posts. So I’ll have to do 3 today.

Keeping in theme, here is a banana jump rope from Sarvodaya.

These food puppets are supposed to be educational and used to teach kids about healthy food. But I would just get distracted doing silly voices. Also… I have this imagery of a child crying after being told to “eat me most!” by one of the veges.

Fruit and Vegetable Puppet Sets

From Neat Solutions.

Today I hosted my sister’s baby shower, so decided to look for something baby related to share.

I found this.

A baby’s banana shaped toothbrush at Bippity Boppity Baby. Perfect for your little primate’s first teeth.