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Don’t wear these near Cookie Monster – unless you like slober in your hair.

Cookies-N-Milk Hairclips

Cookies N Milk from Shanalogic.

Love Heart Cookie Hair Pin

Love heart from Fancy Pocket.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Hairclip

Chocolate Chip from Baby Loves Pink.

Pink dough

Soft clay cake and biscuit making kit. It looks so cute and yummy!


Found at From Japan with love.

Sew tasty!

How many sew/so puns can I keep using in a post title? You’ll forgive me, right?

The pattern for these felt foods are on sale at Felt by LisaJHoney.

Felt Food Sewing Pattern - pdf format - Party Food

Party food.

Felt Food Sewing Pattern - pdf format - Breakfast Food

Breakfast food!

Featured on HipBip, these mobile phones really are perfect for sending sweet messages and pictures. Check out those accessories! This would definitely go on my two-year-old-toddler-tantrum -“I Want! I Want I Want!” list.

SH-04B - Melting Chocolate Mobile Phone

SH-04B - Melting Chocolate Mobile Phone

Thanks to Tanya for pointing them out!


Yummy looking edible treats from Knits4tots on Trademe.


Thanks to Erik for pointing them out!

My first post was in November, and although I consider this blog still in it’s ‘just up and running’ phase, I think I’ve done pretty well for 3 months. At some stage I really need to work with my friends, and get this place looking better, and fix up all the glitches with pictures in the past posts.

On the plus side, I always include the links if it’s something I saw online, so you can always go check them out there.

Since we’re talking about time, lets look at some watches from Whimsical Watches.

Food Watches Classic Silver StyleChocolate Lover Watch in Gold (Unisex)


Baking Watch in Gold (Unisex)


Lobster Roast Watch in Gold (Unisex)


Sushi Watch in Gold (Unisex)Sushi Watch Classic Silver Style


Strawberries Watch Classic Silver StyleStrawberries Watch in Gold (Unisex)


If you had erasers like these, you would either make mistakes on purpose so you could use them, or try hard never to make mistakes so you could keep them forever.

Gummy Bear Eraser/Sharpener

Found these cute Gummi Bear erasers from See Jane Work via a distinctly awesome Gummi Bear related post by Jessie at The Hungry Mouse.

Sundae and chocolate biscuit from itasho mini eraser collection. They have some adorelicious erasers over there.

I’m sure I used to have a set of these when I was little. Either that or I was envious of another girl in my class who must have had them. They are fruit slices but they look like candies too. Found at Daytona Vending.