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After a quick search on trademe I found these lobsterriffic items:


Lobster cuff links!


I love how this lobster salad bowl has lobster claw servers!


This little guy seems to be saying ‘please don’t eat me!’ So instead you drink from him? weird.

I’ve got a cold today, so pumpkin soup is on my mind. Here are some pumpkin bowls that I wish I had… I also wish I had pumpkin soup.

Pumpkin Bowl.jpg

Silver bowl from Annabelle’s.

pumpkin bowl pumpkin bowl pumpkin bowl

Hand painted ceramics from Glorian Ceramics.

Pumpkin Bowl

This cheerful bowl is from Twins Design Christmas.


This bowl is from Mr. Monkeysuit’s blog, it was made at school by a boy. Very cool.

Since I was already going a head with my lettuce snack plate post. I thought featuring some other lettuce serving dishes would be good.

PhotoPhotoBaby tomato and lettuce themed salad bowl on Trade Me.


Lobster and lettuce themed serving plate on Trade Me.


Lobster and lettuce egg serving plate on Trade Me. This is so awesomely kitch on so many levels!

This post was brought to you today by the letter A, and this awesome episode of Axe Cop featuring Avocado Soldier.


Silver avocado from Mayfair Silver. Suggested use is paperweight.

Progressiveā„¢ 3-Piece Guacamole Bowl Set

Avocado guacamole bowl from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Cone head

I like the look and taste of ice cream cones.. But sometimes they can be a bit messy. So here are some awesome ice cream serving bowls/cups that you could use instead.

Ice Cream Bowl Set

Bonus points for the matching spoons.. Though I’m a little suspicious of that bright blue ‘flavour’. From Oasis.

Gourmac Ice Cream Bowl

Lets add some chocolate and sprinkles with these bowls from Better Homes and Gardens.

Ice Cream Lovers Collection Ice Cream Dishes

Now extend a bit to make it a bit more cone shaped with these servers from HotRef. There’s that yummy blue again.

Ice Cream Topping Carousel

But for those of you that really like to add a cherry on top. Check out this set from Sur la Table. Topping server, bowls and spoons! How could you not host an ice cream party with this set?!

I love the look of ceramic food platters. I guess it’s the serving food on food thing.

Here are some cool ones from Pugsly’s Trading Post.