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A few days ago I was in a local asian supermarket and saw a cute candy container that was shaped like a giant golden apple. I kinda assumed it was some kinda new years treat thing, since they don’t usually have them. It was very cool, but since I didn’t really neeeeeeed it, I didn’t buy it. However, I am gonna use it as a spin-off point for this post.

So did some searching and Alibaba has these cute candy dishes.

Okay, so maybe a rabbit doesn’t count as fake delicious – but that is clearly a carrot on it’s back, which does!

The only fake delicious image I could get of a traditional candy box was this one from Cafe World wikia:

Hmmmm fake delicious video games are pretty awesome, I should really feature them more!

I’ve seen a few of these containers around, and they are simply awesome. My friend says that should always be filled with Tangy Apple lollies. I love that idea!

Apple container - Fruit Bowl

As you can see, from Hart and Heim.

Funky Lunch

While I was looking at Totally Funky for that last fruit post, I saw these awesome fruit containers:

Apple Lunch boxes and Banana holder

Yesterday was also the start of the Chinese new year. Year of the Tiger to be correct. So lets celebrate with some good fortune… COOKIES!!!

Gold Fortune Cookie BoxGolden fortune cookie keepsake box from Beau-coup.

White Fortune Cookie Bath Fizzer

Bath fizz from Hot ref.

Fortune Cookie Soap

Brightly coloured fortune cookie soap from The Country Club.

USB drive from Vavolo.

Small Fortune coin purse from VICTORE NYC

Coin purse from Victore NYC at Supermarket.

I hope you all have a new year filled with good fortune!