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I had a burger for dinner yesterday, so here are some old Burger King cups to commemorate:

SALE 1979 Burger King Thing Glasses.....Set of 2

Apparently vintage from 1979 .

Burger king glasses from turtlemountaingifts on etsy.

What do they have in common? Well they are both themes for these stationary sets:



Found at From Japan with Love.

A burger doesn’t get better than this (except if you could eat it too). A usb massager and hand warmer!!

In squiggly or smiley!



This post was made with the help of the lovely Tanya who sent me some awesome linkies.

Sundae Sound System from SG Custom Sound. Crazy!

USB treats featured on

USB Mooncakes featured on Boing Boing.

The point of aprons is to keep your clothes clean. But when you have an apron as cute as these, then what are you supposed to do?

Burger and Fries

Saucy Salad Bowl

Good Morning

Found at Snappyshop on Etsy.

Lego food

Why have I not looked this up sooner?!


Lego Eggo by Jonathan Eric Hunter.

15 oishii by "Big Daddy" Nelson

Lego Sushi found at “Big Daddy” Nelson’s flickr stream.

Then, via this awesome Soothbrush post about burger shaped things (totally awesome – includes a motor bike, bed, dress, fabric burger etc) I found this:

A lego burger meal by Sachiko. Click link for more pics which show a faces in the burger and one of the fries. Cutes!

Sachiko also made these:

Jumbo fruit parfait!

Sweets memory – cake with photo frame inner.

McDonald’s Big Mac set!

Also check out the backpack lunchbox (with lego food).

Take aways

Via We Covet: Cake handbag from Tokyo Jazz Panda.

Cake Handbag

Via style frizz: Red Delicious and Anjou Pear from Judith Leiber:

Red Delicious

Anjou Pear

Hambag and friends from Garudio Studiage:



Why do all my posts based on food? Lets start switching it up and do it based on “stuff”.

Key rings.


What a smorgasboard! (My fave is the shrimp) Found this selection of mini food keyrings at  DIY Trade.

One of my dad’s suggestions for this blog was a fried egg key ring. Finally I found one on eBay.

From the Keyring store comes these Slide Show Keyrings:

In their words:

“The fruit has eyes, which is a strange twist, but to make things even more exciting, point the eyes towards the light and a miniature slide show of photos or images is shown.”

If that wasn’t exciting enough – I’m sure that these are new hybrid fruit, because I’ve never seen bright yellow strawberries before. I could just be living a sheltered life.