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So much for me getting 2 posts a day for 7 days or whatever my plan was. I’ll try to catch up.

I think as long as I have done 365 posts by the end of the year I shall be happy with my progress. if that means on that last day I’ll be doing 200 posts on the 12th of November so be it.



Wind up toy tarts and cakes from Spiral and Circle Gift.

Juicy Juicy

So here I am, haven’t not posted for 2 weeks. 14 days. So lazy am I. I just have days were I don’t feel like posting, and sometimes it feels like too much work.

So my normal catch up solution is to do all the posts at once. But that seems a bit ridiculous for some reason. So instead I’m gonna try out doing 2 posts a day for two weeks.

Since I feel like after 2 weeks of no posting, probably no one else is reading this but me. So I can do it how I like anyway 🙂

My other fear for this site is that I might start posting double ups, loving something so much that I forget I’ve already posted about it. So if I do any double ups and someone points this out, well, I guess I’ll try to do a new post.

Ok, enough rambling, on to something fake delicious. I love these Juicy Couture charms:


That could be my favourite breakfast! I mean, who doesn’t like lemon and wedding cake on the side for breakfast?

My little sister likes to shorten Strawberry to strawbs. So baubles and stawberrys might = Strawbles?

Ji Ji Kiki strawberry chocolate necklace

Ji JI Kiki strawberry chocolate necklace.

Chocolate Strawberry Charm Bracelet

Dark Chocolate Strawberry Pendant Dipped In White Chocolate

What’s about town Choc Strawberry charm bracelet and Dipped strawberry pendant.

Juicy Couture Strawberry Charm - photo

Juicy Couture charm.

Felty foods

From Little cute 1 on Felt here are some cute felt foods:

Felt food *Roll Cakes* ---Pattern---  no.08

Roll cakes

Felt food *sandwiches* no.07


Felt food *Hot dogs* ---Pattern---

Hot dog

Thanks to Jenny for sending me the link!

Towel Cakes

When ever I see these towel cakes it always makes me hungry.. but instead I can only use them to wash my face… It’s not faaaiir!

Towel Cake Set from Le Patissier

Found at Japan Trend Shop. Although I’ve been seeing them at my local $2 shop too.

Pink dough

Soft clay cake and biscuit making kit. It looks so cute and yummy!


Found at From Japan with love.

I love paper craft and I really enjoy this Canon site because it has so much awesome stuff on it. I used some of the scrap booking stuff to customise a photo album for my mother just yesterday.. That’s right, the day when I should have posted this post. Must work on that.

Here are some pop up cards that you can just download from Canon.


Yummy looking edible treats from Knits4tots on Trademe.


Thanks to Erik for pointing them out!

What better way to celebrate, than with cake?

birthday gift idea

Happy Birthday sunglasses from Shades of Fun.

Birthday Cake Hat

Birthday Cake hat from Costume Craze.


This post has been written so that the tags show that we are more hungry for Baby!

3-Tier Diaper Cake Baby Shower Centerpiece Gift Basket - Modern Cherries

Diaper cake – 55 diapers and 2 fleece blankies from Baby Stores.

If you want to learn how to make Sushi baby socks follow this link to Zakka Life.

Or if you would rather leave it up to the professionals here is a very cute Suchi Bento from The Silly Wagon:

It has wash cloths and finger puppets!

And to finish with something sweet:

Cupcake washcloth and baby socks with bath bomb flower or heart shape on top GREAT FOR BABY SHOWERS or BIRTHDAYS

Washcloth, socks and bath bomb cupcake from Boutique Baby Bouquets on Etsy.