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…and for that morning breakfast ambience, why not try these egg candles?

Soft boiled from Coastal Candle Supply.


Fried – designed by Jaehyung Hong and featured on Trendland.

And … easter? or maybe some tropical bird’s?

colored eggs2.jpg

From Discount Candle.

Cinnamon roll

There is something so comforting about smelling that warm cinnamon then biting into that sweet pastry. But with these items you’ll just have to keep imagining that whole eating part.

Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon bun candle from Contemporary Candles.

Cinnamon Roll Candle

Cinnamon Roll candle from Vat19.

Image for Cinnamon Roll DIY Craft Project

Learn to knit your own cinnamon roll at Craftbits.

Doggie Cini-Mini Cinnamon Roll Hat

Get your pets involved with this Cinnamon Roll pet hat from pinkkrystals at etsy.

There’s nothing more romantic than having dinner by candle light… unless it’s candles like this.

beer candle

From Guangzhou Madina Crafts Factory.

Beer Candle

Instructions on how to make this classic Beer Candle are available from

And for extra ambience (and maybe some of that beer goggle affect)…

Beer Scented Candle

Beer scented candle from lighterside.

I love eating Mangosteens, so I thought I would see if I could find anything for the site. Then I came across the Mangosteen resort and spa, that had almost all the mangosteen you could want… except a mangosteen cushion. That woulda been cool.

Mangosteen candle


Mangosteen Cocktail Sticks (resin)

Cocktail sticks

Mangosteen Massage Oil Set (ceramic)

Massage oil set

And I full-screen-photo-love this shower set:


Sigh, I’m pretty sorry I keep missing so many posts. But heres a few to get back on track.

At Soap and Candle molds they have a few molds that are food shaped. Go look for yourself, but here are some that I thought were cool.

Corn Candle Mold


Large potato Mold

Apparently this potato mold was made using a real potato!

Cherry Embed Mold


Before starting this blog, we had a look for other blogs that did ‘Things that look like food’. The only thing that I really found that I liked was this post over at Kaboodle by soofaye.

I love the peas in a pod necklace  from shanalogic that was in the list:

Peas in a Pod Necklace

So lets look at some other peas in a pod.

Stress Relieving Edamame Bean Stress Relieving Edamame Bean

Ok, so it’s beans not peas – but these things are so cute. Edamame bean stress reliever at Amazon.

Angelbean had these salt and pepper shakers and candles sets listed as wedding favours!

They are really cute.. but I’m not sure I would want my guests feeling like they were in the vegetable aisle of the supermarket… or do I?