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A few days ago I was in a local asian supermarket and saw a cute candy container that was shaped like a giant golden apple. I kinda assumed it was some kinda new years treat thing, since they don’t usually have them. It was very cool, but since I didn’t really neeeeeeed it, I didn’t buy it. However, I am gonna use it as a spin-off point for this post.

So did some searching and Alibaba has these cute candy dishes.

Okay, so maybe a rabbit doesn’t count as fake delicious – but that is clearly a carrot on it’s back, which does!

The only fake delicious image I could get of a traditional candy box was this one from Cafe World wikia:

Hmmmm fake delicious video games are pretty awesome, I should really feature them more!

My little sister likes to shorten Strawberry to strawbs. So baubles and stawberrys might = Strawbles?

Ji Ji Kiki strawberry chocolate necklace

Ji JI Kiki strawberry chocolate necklace.

Chocolate Strawberry Charm Bracelet

Dark Chocolate Strawberry Pendant Dipped In White Chocolate

What’s about town Choc Strawberry charm bracelet and Dipped strawberry pendant.

Juicy Couture Strawberry Charm - photo

Juicy Couture charm.

Fake food and drink spills from Just Dough It. Not so delicious, but still fake. Okay, okay, not that thrilling either.

Ok, over the top nail art kind of grosses me out. But, I have to tip my hat to these promoters of the fake delicious.

watermelon nails.jpg

Watermelons featured at Cakehead – where they talk about nail art vending machines!

1UPcoolpics or Y*U*M*M*Y ( I can’t figure out what they are actually called) features some amazing pics of nail art, including these fast food and candy ones:

A 3D ice cream set from ioffer.


Sushi set featured at Fashion Freak and the Friction.


I also found out you can buy these polymer clay tubes which you slice to put on your nails.


These are from Ali Express.

And here is an example of how you can use them:


From My Tiny World – and they also have tutorials.

Bored of dreaming that you ate a giant marshmallow and waking up to find that your pillow is gone? Now you can have more interesting dreams about eating other foods, and still keep a stable pillow-filled diet.

Sweet Treats pillow collection.

These Sweet treats and breakfast food pillows can be found at Sofa Garden.

Since I’m going to a costumed event today (a LARP for any of you roleplayers out there), I thought I would find some food costumes for this post.

Found all these ones at Costume Craze, although there are some pretty awesome homemade ideas out there, that I might post about at another time.

Child Mac and Cheese Costume

Macaroni and Cheese.

Peeps Baby Costume


Adult Pizza Slice Costume

Pizza – as you can see from his expression, it comes with extra cheese.

Hot Dog Bunting Baby Costume

Hot dog.

My dad really likes Liquorice all sorts, so I’ve been trying to think of more things to add with them. But I’m just sticking to bracelets today.

Liquorice Allsorts Designer Bracelet / Bangle

From Bountifultreasures.

From Handmade By Me.

Large image

From My Beady Eye at Folksy.

Tasty ears

I saw some of these headphones when I was in Thailand. Although they make me want candy whenever I see them.

Made by Elecom, seen online at gizmodo.

Which made me wonder what over delicious food headphones you could get. So I did a search and found these headsets over at craziest gadgets.

crazy food earphones