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Fruity Cuties

So in my internet wanders I came across Fruity Cuties. A site with ‘corny’ puns and cute characters which you can buy on these buttons and shirts:

Fruity Cuties button badge set 2 - Melon, Coconut, Strawberry and PeachFruity Cuties button badges - Starfruit, Orange, Banana skin, Cherry twins

Berry Rude T-shirt

Incredibly Cute and Fruity – go figure!

Towel Cakes

When ever I see these towel cakes it always makes me hungry.. but instead I can only use them to wash my face… It’s not faaaiir!

Towel Cake Set from Le Patissier

Found at Japan Trend Shop. Although I’ve been seeing them at my local $2 shop too.

Quilted Fruit

It’s a bit like the opposite for fruit salad. Mix up different bits to make just 1 piece of fruit.

Fruit designs from Steve Haskamp.

Juicy Fruit Pattern Large Image

Runners and Table mats by Pieced Tree at Create for less.

Fruit Salad Pincushions Pattern Miss Rosie's Quilt Company

Pin cushions at Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. from Fat Quarter Shop.


This post has been written so that the tags show that we are more hungry for Baby!

3-Tier Diaper Cake Baby Shower Centerpiece Gift Basket - Modern Cherries

Diaper cake – 55 diapers and 2 fleece blankies from Baby Stores.

If you want to learn how to make Sushi baby socks follow this link to Zakka Life.

Or if you would rather leave it up to the professionals here is a very cute Suchi Bento from The Silly Wagon:

It has wash cloths and finger puppets!

And to finish with something sweet:

Cupcake washcloth and baby socks with bath bomb flower or heart shape on top GREAT FOR BABY SHOWERS or BIRTHDAYS

Washcloth, socks and bath bomb cupcake from Boutique Baby Bouquets on Etsy.

Sigh, I’m pretty sorry I keep missing so many posts. But heres a few to get back on track.

At Soap and Candle molds they have a few molds that are food shaped. Go look for yourself, but here are some that I thought were cool.

Corn Candle Mold


Large potato Mold

Apparently this potato mold was made using a real potato!

Cherry Embed Mold


But this time it’s supposed to!

Teach Soap is a site that teaches you how to make soaps. (Informative site name right?)

They also have a gallery where you can look at what other people have made and sometimes learn to do it. Here are some of the many cool ones.

citrus soap tutorial

Realistic citrus soap.


cheese cakes with sauce

Cherry cheesecake.

Martha Stewart has some awesome felt crafts that you can learn how to do on her website.

Here are the few food related ones:

Felt Cherry Pie

Felt cherry pie.

Bagel tote bag (couldn’t find a pick of just the bagel one – sorry).


Felt fortune cookies.

Fruit belt

Pineapples  BELT BUCKLE

So juicy! Pineapple belt buckle from All about you design.

Cherry belt buckle from Candy Fushion.

champagne grape cluster belt buckle

Grape belt buckle from Skeeter King.