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Posts tagged ‘Chocolate’

My little sister likes to shorten Strawberry to strawbs. So baubles and stawberrys might = Strawbles?

Ji Ji Kiki strawberry chocolate necklace

Ji JI Kiki strawberry chocolate necklace.

Chocolate Strawberry Charm Bracelet

Dark Chocolate Strawberry Pendant Dipped In White Chocolate

What’s about town Choc Strawberry charm bracelet and Dipped strawberry pendant.

Juicy Couture Strawberry Charm - photo

Juicy Couture charm.

Pink dough

Soft clay cake and biscuit making kit. It looks so cute and yummy!


Found at From Japan with love.

Spring Clean

Well, for those in the Northern Hemisphere it’s time for Spring. So here are some chocolicious soaps to keep you squeaky clean.

CUSTOM - Luscious Chocolate Egg Soaps

Chocolate eggs from robynsnestboutique at Etsy.

SALE - Chocolate Easter Bunny Soap\

Chocolate bunnies from sunbasilgarden on Etsy.

Bunny bonnet

This would be a super cute easter present for New Zealand, since we are going to head into Autumn now.

Organic Cotton Baby Hat -  Chocolate Bunny

Organice cotton chocolate bunny bonnet at Adriennekinsella at Etsy.

Easter Ears

Keep your face festive by framing them with these delicious looking chocolate easter bunny earrings.

Chocolate Bunny Earrings

From Sibling Stew at Etsy.

Happy Easter

To celebrate easter get ready for bombardment of eggs, chocolate or plain, and other easter treats (and because I missed 12 posts – Eep!)


Creme Egg cars featured at box vox.

I love paper craft and I really enjoy this Canon site because it has so much awesome stuff on it. I used some of the scrap booking stuff to customise a photo album for my mother just yesterday.. That’s right, the day when I should have posted this post. Must work on that.

Here are some pop up cards that you can just download from Canon.

Featured on HipBip, these mobile phones really are perfect for sending sweet messages and pictures. Check out those accessories! This would definitely go on my two-year-old-toddler-tantrum -“I Want! I Want I Want!” list.

SH-04B - Melting Chocolate Mobile Phone

SH-04B - Melting Chocolate Mobile Phone

Thanks to Tanya for pointing them out!


My good friend Oddnumbereven sent me  a link  to the Shiney Shack. They have a heap of food themed lip glosses. Delish!Lip Gloss - Wild Berry TartIce Cream Lip Balm - Strawberry

Doughnut Lip Gloss - Chocolate

Chocolate Truffle Lip Balm

Get to work!

Have fun while working by using these food themed stationary items.

Sushi Stapler--    -    -    Sushi Stapler

Sushi staplers found at Girlz Lyfe. Good thing it’s only for stapling your work, not spell-checking it.


Chocolate bar pencil case from Chocolate Circle, which also stocks plenty of other food themed items.


Croissant pen from Bizzare fun.