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Posts tagged ‘Clock’

From time to time I feature a site that is all about Fake Deliciousness. Today it is Ice Cream Bites.

Some of the things it features:


Banana Split Card Game from U.S Games Systems.


Pink ice cream belly button ring.


Hello Kitty Clock radio.


I think I ate too much junk food this weekend. So I thought I might feature some junk food to tempt others to make my mistake. So I wouldn’t be the only one!


Pizza plush from spiral and circle gift.

Pizza Hat

Hat from Costume Craze.


Clock from Gadget Bargains.

Crochet pattern for pepperoni pizza scarf

Crochet Pizza scarf pattern from dianelangan on etsy.

I also tried to find some soaps, but they all looked too gross.

If you were hungry and waiting for dinner to get cooked, you really wouldn’t want a clock like this. Looking at it would just make you hungrier.

Toast Clock

Toast clock from Perpetual Kid.