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I kinda realised that I missed a big opportunity for food costumes for Halloween. So thought I would look for some, and came across the site Team Mascots. It has heaps of food costumes that you can buy like the ones below.

I think they are scary enough for Halloween.

Since I’m going to a costumed event today (a LARP for any of you roleplayers out there), I thought I would find some food costumes for this post.

Found all these ones at Costume Craze, although there are some pretty awesome homemade ideas out there, that I might post about at another time.

Child Mac and Cheese Costume

Macaroni and Cheese.

Peeps Baby Costume


Adult Pizza Slice Costume

Pizza – as you can see from his expression, it comes with extra cheese.

Hot Dog Bunting Baby Costume

Hot dog.

The point of aprons is to keep your clothes clean. But when you have an apron as cute as these, then what are you supposed to do?

Burger and Fries

Saucy Salad Bowl

Good Morning

Found at Snappyshop on Etsy.

While visiting Fabsugar, I came across a montage of Katy Perry stage outfits which included these jems:

2009, V Festival

Strawberry bustier

2009, Grammy Awards

Fruit salad mini dress

2009, MTV Video Music Awards Japan

Sushi swimsuit

Always find yourself running late and having your pants fall around your ankles? No? Well… me neither *shifty eyes*.

But in case you do, why not call on your love of pork products and invest in these two accessories.

With this smiling fella, you’d be looking at your watch so often you would never be late.

Why not match your accessories with this porcine belt? Everyone knows that nothing goes better with Bacon than more Bacon. Right?

Both the Bacon Watch and Bacon Belt were found at Archie McPhee.