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I kinda realised that I missed a big opportunity for food costumes for Halloween. So thought I would look for some, and came across the site Team Mascots. It has heaps of food costumes that you can buy like the ones below.

I think they are scary enough for Halloween.

Oh man!

In celebration of the ginger bread stuffed Turkey I ate today, here are some Gingerbread Man themed items.

 Sexy Boy

Sexy boy massage bar from Lush.

Image of Gingerbread Dice

Gingerbread dice in soap from Geeky Clean.

Large image

Gingerbread man soap from lilywhites-handmade at Folksy.

Image of Anna Chambers Gingerbread Man #20

Anna Chambers’ gingerbread man from Schmancy.


Tom Arma Gingerbread baby costume.

This cute little costume was created by Tom Arma. My sister (the one NOT having the baby) loves his site.


This Under the Nile Grape toy is from Amazon. I love it’s little face peeking out. If there were such things as Grape fairies I think it would look like this.

Under The Nile Grape Toy

I came across this gorgeous Grape baby hat via For the Love of Cute. (What a cute food post btw!).


It’s from WoolyKnitsNBits over at Etsy.