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Keeping up with the crochet theme, here is a cute radish!

I love how it looks amongst the real vegetables. Pattern found at BitterSweet.

Check out these corn and cucumber crochet pot holders.

Corn and Cucumber potholder Pot Holder Vintage Crochet Pattern

Pattern found at ecrater. It’s cool how they slip onto the handle.

Mmmm, I really wish I was having these right now. Why did I not prepare to have some for my easter breakfast!

Image for Hot Cross Easter Buns DIY Craft Project

I like that this one includes the dots for the fruit. It’s DIY craft project at Craftbits.

Hot Cross Bun

This little cutie is from eternalsunshine on etsy.

Peekaboo eggs

Well, they are called chickadees, so I guess they are actually chicks, but they have cute easter egg outfits, so they still fall into the fake delicious category.

Amigurumi -4 Baby Peekaboo Chickadees in Assorted Colours Perfect for Easter

Amigurumi -4 Baby Peekaboo Chickadees in Assorted Colours Perfect for Easter

From MissusD on Etsy.

Egg Noggin

Kinda disturbing, kinda cool – knitted/crochet Egg hats:

Egg Hat- Made to Order- CUSTOMIZABLE

You can custom order your hat .. I guess you ask for boiled, fried, poached or scrambled? From WorthySoyCandles at Art Fire.

The 'This is Your Brain on Drugs' Hat - aka the Jeiny egg hat

The pink makes me think of cold ham. From RockYourStyle on Etsy.

Stumbled across Lilla Dolce Sweet Crochet designs blog, though it’s her more savory scarfs that I really like.

Green eggs and ham was a great food themed book and has spun off more awesome fake deliciousness.

Green Eggs & Ham Speedy Diner! Game

Board game from time to play.

And from these etsy crafters you can get your own green eggs in ham in Crochet, Clay and Felt!

Play Food Crochet Pattern -- Green Eggs and Ham

Pattern only from CraftyAnna.

Clay Green Eggs And Ham

Cutesy style from Arajuuah.

Green Eggs and Ham Magnets

Felt magnets from rubbishtees.


I think I ate too much junk food this weekend. So I thought I might feature some junk food to tempt others to make my mistake. So I wouldn’t be the only one!


Pizza plush from spiral and circle gift.

Pizza Hat

Hat from Costume Craze.


Clock from Gadget Bargains.

Crochet pattern for pepperoni pizza scarf

Crochet Pizza scarf pattern from dianelangan on etsy.

I also tried to find some soaps, but they all looked too gross.


This makes me wish I could come up with a pirate pun. But really they are crochet pie berets found over at Monster Crochet.

It would make me hungry any time I saw this. Especially if it was winter!

While searching for some crochet to feature on the site, I came across Crochet Pattern Central. It has some fun links to patterns such as these:

Half dozen eggs from Bitter Sweet.


Jellied cranberry sauce from Alicia Kachmar. I wish I had found this when I was doing the holiday posts!

If I’m still going next year I will have to raid it again for inspiration!