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melon head

Today my dad and I were discussing bike helmets and the safety laws. So I thought I would try and find a food related helmet that would be cool enough to encourage people to wear helmets.

Nutcase Little Nutty Watermelon Bike Helmet - Kid's

Watermelon bike helmet found at Rei. I think it’s only for kids though.

And as an added bonus check out this sweet bike bell!

cupcake gift  bicycle bell

Found on etsy sold by dringdring.


Some delicious looking socks and sock accessories from Sock Dreams!

Snappy Cupcake Sock Garters

Cupcake garters

Sock It To Me Mushrooms


Snappy Mad Tea Party Garters

Tea party garters

Pet foods

Some cute accessories for your pets to wear!

From Felinefido, cat and dog collars and leashes.

Click on photo to ENLARGE* Click on photo to ENLARGE*

Click on photo to ENLARGE*

My little sister likes to shorten Strawberry to strawbs. So baubles and stawberrys might = Strawbles?

Ji Ji Kiki strawberry chocolate necklace

Ji JI Kiki strawberry chocolate necklace.

Chocolate Strawberry Charm Bracelet

Dark Chocolate Strawberry Pendant Dipped In White Chocolate

What’s about town Choc Strawberry charm bracelet and Dipped strawberry pendant.

Juicy Couture Strawberry Charm - photo

Juicy Couture charm.

Fake Delicious style with food jewellery.

Cupcake RingGolden Sweet

Cupcake ring and golden sweet from Tattooley Rose.

Jewelry thumbnail

Cupcake ring from Emma-Jane & Tan.

Gold and diamond cupcake pendant and cupcake box from 7x7Diamonds.

Sterling Silver Multi-Colored Diamond Cupcake Pendant, 18"

Silver cupcake pendant on Amazon.

And I really love this Betsey Johnson cupcake ring (with mini mouse inside!):



Since yesterday was Valentines day I should feature some heart featured fake delicious items.


Apple heart tart soap from giftilicious.

4.5 red heart cupcake banks 337e.jpg

Cupcake piggy banks with heart sprinkles form Tip Top Tea Shoppe.

Pink & Red Sprinkles Heart Necklace

Sprinkles heart necklace from SapphireSquares at Shanalogic.

Silver Heart Shape Apple Belly Bar

Heart Shaped apple belly ring from amazon.


Yummy looking edible treats from Knits4tots on Trademe.


Thanks to Erik for pointing them out!

Food for life

How would you ever diet with this constant reminder?

Cupcake Tattoos sent in by cupcake fans to All Things Cupcake.. there is heaps of them. It makes me kinda want one!



Why? Because you will probably be curious to see if these taste as good as they look!

Bacon & Egg Plasters

Cupcake Plasters

Bacon and eggs, and cupcake bandages from Stardust kids.


Who has a cupcake seat, gummi bear lights and an ice cream bench?

Jellio does!