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This post has been written so that the tags show that we are more hungry for Baby!

3-Tier Diaper Cake Baby Shower Centerpiece Gift Basket - Modern Cherries

Diaper cake – 55 diapers and 2 fleece blankies from Baby Stores.

If you want to learn how to make Sushi baby socks follow this link to Zakka Life.

Or if you would rather leave it up to the professionals here is a very cute Suchi Bento from The Silly Wagon:

It has wash cloths and finger puppets!

And to finish with something sweet:

Cupcake washcloth and baby socks with bath bomb flower or heart shape on top GREAT FOR BABY SHOWERS or BIRTHDAYS

Washcloth, socks and bath bomb cupcake from Boutique Baby Bouquets on Etsy.

Bored of dreaming that you ate a giant marshmallow and waking up to find that your pillow is gone? Now you can have more interesting dreams about eating other foods, and still keep a stable pillow-filled diet.

Sweet Treats pillow collection.

These Sweet treats and breakfast food pillows can be found at Sofa Garden.

Shake it up!

Once again embracing my fondness for food shaped food servers, here are some neat Salt and Pepper shakers.


Spice it up with this Chili pair from Stacey’s Simple Stuff.

"The Perfect Pair" Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker"The Perfect Pair" Salt & Pepper Shaker Favors

Perfect Pair shakers from HotRef. Seems that Salt and Pepper shakers are a big idea for wedding favours. Kind of makes sense.



Egg and sausage and Cupcake shakers from Andy Titcomb.

Sew cool!

Cup Cake Pin Cushion

Cupcake pin cushion found at It’s Minnesotan.

Hermione's Tea Cup Mini Pin Cushion

Hermione’s Tea Cup pincushion from Tasket Basket.

Tomato Pin Cushion

Classic tomato pin cushion from The Haberdashery Store. I always think that little one looks like a chili pepper.

Felt Donut Pin Cushion

Felt donut pin cushion by Stacy Sews found at Fave Craft. Love the dessert pins!

Pumpkin Pin Cushion

Pumpkin Boy pin cushions from A Child’s Dream Come True.


I collect Pandora charms, and there are lots of other European style bracelet charms out there which are also very stylish and cute.

Here are some food related Pandora ones (unfortunately I don’t own any of them yet – drat!).

(Silver charm)(Sterling silver, amethyst)(Silver charm, 14ct)

(Silver charm, 14ct)(Silver charm, 14ct)(Silver charm, 14ct)


It’s a good thing that these jars hold cookies – because if it’s food shaped it’s more likely to make you hungry.

SUN-38211 - Apple Shaped Ceramic Cookie Jar

Feel like an apple? Nah, I’d rather have a cookie.

Found at Guscle Berry.


If I saw a cupcake, I guess I could settle for a cookie.

Found at All things cupcake.

Not feeling hungry at all, but still learning to count?

Count and learn cookie jar found at enasco.

Cosy Cupcakes

Quilting and Cupcakes. What could make you feel more cosy and snuggly? Here a few prime examples:

Cupcake Quilt

I love that they have included the cupcake holder in this one available fromĀ Sizzix.


This cupcake patchwork was made by Jenni as a 30th birthday present for a friend. Such beautiful colours, and I like to imagine the buttons extra sprinkles or confetti! Check out Jenni’s blog at Talula the Second.


The rose and polka dot combo doubles the cosiness on this quilted design from Vintage Collage & Quilts by Sandy Berry.

I just wish that more real life cupcakes came with cherries on top!