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This post was made with the help of the lovely Tanya who sent me some awesome linkies.

Sundae Sound System from SG Custom Sound. Crazy!

USB treats featured on

USB Mooncakes featured on Boing Boing.


My good friend Oddnumbereven sent me  a link  to the Shiney Shack. They have a heap of food themed lip glosses. Delish!Lip Gloss - Wild Berry TartIce Cream Lip Balm - Strawberry

Doughnut Lip Gloss - Chocolate

Chocolate Truffle Lip Balm

Toy Food

I forgot that I had seen this in a while, but here is Neil Cicierega’s (of Harry Potter Puppet Pals fame) song featuring toy food.

Not real food. Do not eat.

And now to go crazy entering all the tags….

Sew cool!

Cup Cake Pin Cushion

Cupcake pin cushion found at It’s Minnesotan.

Hermione's Tea Cup Mini Pin Cushion

Hermione’s Tea Cup pincushion from Tasket Basket.

Tomato Pin Cushion

Classic tomato pin cushion from The Haberdashery Store. I always think that little one looks like a chili pepper.

Felt Donut Pin Cushion

Felt donut pin cushion by Stacy Sews found at Fave Craft. Love the dessert pins!

Pumpkin Pin Cushion

Pumpkin Boy pin cushions from A Child’s Dream Come True.

Heidi Kenney

Heidi Kenney is a bit of an inspiration for this blog. She makes amazingly cute plushies, often of food.

Check out her site My Paper Crane.

These cute buns from Breadou Donut are actually for relieving stress or for use as a wrist rest. They look and smell like little bread rolls.

I’ve seen them around in shops when I was in Thailand  and didn’t think that they served any other purpose than to look cute and smell good! Although I saw versions that were key chains and mobile phone decorations.

breadou emoticon - happy coffee cream breadou emoticon - vanilla dream breadou emoticon - berry sweetie

Breadou Donuts - Funny, Unique, Unusual Birthday Gifts!

Thanks to Celeste for sending me the link!