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Ah, I have to call that a yolk, because it was far to bad to be a joke.

MSC Mech-Timey  Mechanical Egg Timer MSC Mech-Timey  Mechanical Egg Timer

MSC Mech-Timey Mechanical Egg Timer from La Prima Shops.


Sunshine egg kitchen timer from Spiral and Circle Gift.

Nothing like a tea pot with a little model of your table to make you feel like you have just taken one of Alice in Wonderland’s potions.

Check out these pots from Trojan Horse Antiques and Collectibles.



Juicy Juicy

So here I am, haven’t not posted for 2 weeks. 14 days. So lazy am I. I just have days were I don’t feel like posting, and sometimes it feels like too much work.

So my normal catch up solution is to do all the posts at once. But that seems a bit ridiculous for some reason. So instead I’m gonna try out doing 2 posts a day for two weeks.

Since I feel like after 2 weeks of no posting, probably no one else is reading this but me. So I can do it how I like anyway 🙂

My other fear for this site is that I might start posting double ups, loving something so much that I forget I’ve already posted about it. So if I do any double ups and someone points this out, well, I guess I’ll try to do a new post.

Ok, enough rambling, on to something fake delicious. I love these Juicy Couture charms:


That could be my favourite breakfast! I mean, who doesn’t like lemon and wedding cake on the side for breakfast?

Eggy purse

When you think of a safe place to stash your coins is your mind immediately drawn to a friendly fried egg in a frying pan? No? Neither.

But if it ever was, then this is the coin purse for you!


Found at From Japan with Love.

Peekaboo eggs

Well, they are called chickadees, so I guess they are actually chicks, but they have cute easter egg outfits, so they still fall into the fake delicious category.

Amigurumi -4 Baby Peekaboo Chickadees in Assorted Colours Perfect for Easter

Amigurumi -4 Baby Peekaboo Chickadees in Assorted Colours Perfect for Easter

From MissusD on Etsy.

Spring Clean

Well, for those in the Northern Hemisphere it’s time for Spring. So here are some chocolicious soaps to keep you squeaky clean.

CUSTOM - Luscious Chocolate Egg Soaps

Chocolate eggs from robynsnestboutique at Etsy.

SALE - Chocolate Easter Bunny Soap\

Chocolate bunnies from sunbasilgarden on Etsy.

Sleepy Joe

This little egg is named Joe, he is also available in ‘Sleepy Joe’ mode.

He kinda looks like a very fat ghost! He’s from the Mr Toast Store at the imaginary world. Typing that really made me feel like I’m in a kids’ story.

Golden Goose

Actually it’s a golden hen, I love this Faberge egg! It’s so cute!

Faberge Hen Egg

It’s from The Prudent Collector.

Well, that was a misleading heading.. but I do find it very cool when kitchen items are shaped like the food they are used for.

Egg poaching shells

Microwave egg boiler

Frying pan


All items found at Cargo.

Egg Noggin

Kinda disturbing, kinda cool – knitted/crochet Egg hats:

Egg Hat- Made to Order- CUSTOMIZABLE

You can custom order your hat .. I guess you ask for boiled, fried, poached or scrambled? From WorthySoyCandles at Art Fire.

The 'This is Your Brain on Drugs' Hat - aka the Jeiny egg hat

The pink makes me think of cold ham. From RockYourStyle on Etsy.