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So do these count as food? They are definitely common milk containers.. so I’m gonna say yes!

Scented Eraser Pack

Scented milk container erasers from Gift Ideas UK. Sent to me by the lovely Oddnumbereven.

Porcelain Milk Carton Vase

Porcelain milk carton vase from Modern Dose.

Milk Carton Plush with straw (whole milk)

Milk carton plush from mypapercrane on etsy.

If you had erasers like these, you would either make mistakes on purpose so you could use them, or try hard never to make mistakes so you could keep them forever.

Gummy Bear Eraser/Sharpener

Found these cute Gummi Bear erasers from See Jane Work via a distinctly awesome Gummi Bear related post by Jessie at The Hungry Mouse.

Sundae and chocolate biscuit from itasho mini eraser collection. They have some adorelicious erasers over there.

I’m sure I used to have a set of these when I was little. Either that or I was envious of another girl in my class who must have had them. They are fruit slices but they look like candies too. Found at Daytona Vending.