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Ginger Snap

Oh Snap! Last year around the holidays I’m sure I also did a Gingerbread post. Might as well keep up the tradition.

These Gingerbread men brooches are from TwinkieChan‘s shop on Etsy.

Thanks to my friend Rachel for sending me the link to the shop!

What about this sweet Gisela Graham tea cosy from Helen Cawton.

Or this Gingerbread house tea cosy pattern by Bent Tree Hollow from

Ok and for a grand finale, here is a link to a video of Ginger Snap from Strawberry shortcake teaching us all how to snap our fingers. She really represents fake delicious stylings with her Gingerbread on her hat.. but I question the use of a gingerbread man surfboard.. especially when the other gingerbread men appear to dance at the end. Also.. I’m sure that tap dancing on a cookie factory conveyor belt is not sanitary!


My first post was in November, and although I consider this blog still in it’s ‘just up and running’ phase, I think I’ve done pretty well for 3 months. At some stage I really need to work with my friends, and get this place looking better, and fix up all the glitches with pictures in the past posts.

On the plus side, I always include the links if it’s something I saw online, so you can always go check them out there.

Since we’re talking about time, lets look at some watches from Whimsical Watches.

Food Watches Classic Silver StyleChocolate Lover Watch in Gold (Unisex)


Baking Watch in Gold (Unisex)


Lobster Roast Watch in Gold (Unisex)


Sushi Watch in Gold (Unisex)Sushi Watch Classic Silver Style


Strawberries Watch Classic Silver StyleStrawberries Watch in Gold (Unisex)


Oh man!

In celebration of the ginger bread stuffed Turkey I ate today, here are some Gingerbread Man themed items.

 Sexy Boy

Sexy boy massage bar from Lush.

Image of Gingerbread Dice

Gingerbread dice in soap from Geeky Clean.

Large image

Gingerbread man soap from lilywhites-handmade at Folksy.

Image of Anna Chambers Gingerbread Man #20

Anna Chambers’ gingerbread man from Schmancy.


Tom Arma Gingerbread baby costume.