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Posts tagged ‘Hat’

Bunny bonnet

This would be a super cute easter present for New Zealand, since we are going to head into Autumn now.

Organic Cotton Baby Hat -  Chocolate Bunny

Organice cotton chocolate bunny bonnet at Adriennekinsella at Etsy.

Egg Noggin

Kinda disturbing, kinda cool – knitted/crochet Egg hats:

Egg Hat- Made to Order- CUSTOMIZABLE

You can custom order your hat .. I guess you ask for boiled, fried, poached or scrambled? From WorthySoyCandles at Art Fire.

The 'This is Your Brain on Drugs' Hat - aka the Jeiny egg hat

The pink makes me think of cold ham. From RockYourStyle on Etsy.

Well, not that nice. Recently I discovered You Knit What?? a discontinued blog about ridiculous knitting patterns. It featured these three wonders:

And my fave…


I think I ate too much junk food this weekend. So I thought I might feature some junk food to tempt others to make my mistake. So I wouldn’t be the only one!


Pizza plush from spiral and circle gift.

Pizza Hat

Hat from Costume Craze.


Clock from Gadget Bargains.

Crochet pattern for pepperoni pizza scarf

Crochet Pizza scarf pattern from dianelangan on etsy.

I also tried to find some soaps, but they all looked too gross.

Cinnamon roll

There is something so comforting about smelling that warm cinnamon then biting into that sweet pastry. But with these items you’ll just have to keep imagining that whole eating part.

Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon bun candle from Contemporary Candles.

Cinnamon Roll Candle

Cinnamon Roll candle from Vat19.

Image for Cinnamon Roll DIY Craft Project

Learn to knit your own cinnamon roll at Craftbits.

Doggie Cini-Mini Cinnamon Roll Hat

Get your pets involved with this Cinnamon Roll pet hat from pinkkrystals at etsy.

What better way to celebrate, than with cake?

birthday gift idea

Happy Birthday sunglasses from Shades of Fun.

Birthday Cake Hat

Birthday Cake hat from Costume Craze.


This makes me wish I could come up with a pirate pun. But really they are crochet pie berets found over at Monster Crochet.

It would make me hungry any time I saw this. Especially if it was winter!

The lovely Rachael sent me a link to this liquorice all-sorts hat at little kiwis nest.

Adorable! It also comes in pink.

Watermelon Hats! ’nuff said.

From The Hat Lady of Maine:

Watermelon Hat

From The Ivy Basket:


Via hypebeast, this tearaway fitted hat from estate:

estate la watermelon tearaway 1 Estate LA Watermelon Tearaway Fitted Cap

Kitty melon hat from ShoriAmeshiko over at etsy:

Suikaneko - Watermelon Kitty - Fleece Hat

Best for last. Wally Amos Watermelon Hat over at Costume Craze.

Wally Amos Watermelon Hat

This cute little costume was created by Tom Arma. My sister (the one NOT having the baby) loves his site.


This Under the Nile Grape toy is from Amazon. I love it’s little face peeking out. If there were such things as Grape fairies I think it would look like this.

Under The Nile Grape Toy

I came across this gorgeous Grape baby hat via For the Love of Cute. (What a cute food post btw!).


It’s from WoolyKnitsNBits over at Etsy.