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Felty foods

From Little cute 1 on Felt here are some cute felt foods:

Felt food *Roll Cakes* ---Pattern---  no.08

Roll cakes

Felt food *sandwiches* no.07


Felt food *Hot dogs* ---Pattern---

Hot dog

Thanks to Jenny for sending me the link!


These slippers from Gadget4all look so warm and .. toastie. Imagine freshly cooked bread – so warm and soft… exactly what you would want in a slipper.

This hot dog on isn’t so comfy looking though.


This post was made with the help of the lovely Tanya who sent me some awesome linkies.

Sundae Sound System from SG Custom Sound. Crazy!

USB treats featured on

USB Mooncakes featured on Boing Boing.

Toy Food

I forgot that I had seen this in a while, but here is Neil Cicierega’s (of Harry Potter Puppet Pals fame) song featuring toy food.

Not real food. Do not eat.

And now to go crazy entering all the tags….

Since I’m going to a costumed event today (a LARP for any of you roleplayers out there), I thought I would find some food costumes for this post.

Found all these ones at Costume Craze, although there are some pretty awesome homemade ideas out there, that I might post about at another time.

Child Mac and Cheese Costume

Macaroni and Cheese.

Peeps Baby Costume


Adult Pizza Slice Costume

Pizza – as you can see from his expression, it comes with extra cheese.

Hot Dog Bunting Baby Costume

Hot dog.

All of these items were found on etsy. Such a great place to find food related items.

Little Bitty Bakery Felt Hot Dog and Nachos Play Food

Felt hot dog and nachos from Little Bitty Bakery.

Nacho Chip Ring

Nacho chip ring from TragediesCheesecake.

Salsa - Mexican Food Tossed on Black - White Chenille Baby Bib

Mexican food bib from SeemsSewSweet.

Take aways

Via We Covet: Cake handbag from Tokyo Jazz Panda.

Cake Handbag

Via style frizz: Red Delicious and Anjou Pear from Judith Leiber:

Red Delicious

Anjou Pear

Hambag and friends from Garudio Studiage:


Hawt Dawg!

Nothing like a sausage in a bun to make you feel like…

Fun Hotdog Soap

Having a bath?

Found this hot dog soap being sold by LoveLeeSoaps over at Etsy.

Now I just need shampoo, conditioner and moituriser in mustard, ketchup and those Japanese Mayo Kewpie bottles. I couldn’t find any – but there’s a gimmick that I’d like to see.