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From time to time I feature a site that is all about Fake Deliciousness. Today it is Ice Cream Bites.

Some of the things it features:


Banana Split Card Game from U.S Games Systems.


Pink ice cream belly button ring.


Hello Kitty Clock radio.

Pet foods

Some cute accessories for your pets to wear!

From Felinefido, cat and dog collars and leashes.

Click on photo to ENLARGE* Click on photo to ENLARGE*

Click on photo to ENLARGE*

Ice cream art

These guys are pretty cool looking.. I almost didn’t get my own pun then. Sigh, that’s pretty bad. Anyway back to these ice cream guys. They are designed by Okkle and found at Rivet.

Original art for Rivet's 02/2010 exhibition

Original art for Rivet's 02/2010 exhibition

Original art for Rivet's 02/2010 exhibition

Fake food and drink spills from Just Dough It. Not so delicious, but still fake. Okay, okay, not that thrilling either.

Ok, over the top nail art kind of grosses me out. But, I have to tip my hat to these promoters of the fake delicious.

watermelon nails.jpg

Watermelons featured at Cakehead – where they talk about nail art vending machines!

1UPcoolpics or Y*U*M*M*Y ( I can’t figure out what they are actually called) features some amazing pics of nail art, including these fast food and candy ones:

A 3D ice cream set from ioffer.


Sushi set featured at Fashion Freak and the Friction.


I also found out you can buy these polymer clay tubes which you slice to put on your nails.


These are from Ali Express.

And here is an example of how you can use them:


From My Tiny World – and they also have tutorials.

Cone head

I like the look and taste of ice cream cones.. But sometimes they can be a bit messy. So here are some awesome ice cream serving bowls/cups that you could use instead.

Ice Cream Bowl Set

Bonus points for the matching spoons.. Though I’m a little suspicious of that bright blue ‘flavour’. From Oasis.

Gourmac Ice Cream Bowl

Lets add some chocolate and sprinkles with these bowls from Better Homes and Gardens.

Ice Cream Lovers Collection Ice Cream Dishes

Now extend a bit to make it a bit more cone shaped with these servers from HotRef. There’s that yummy blue again.

Ice Cream Topping Carousel

But for those of you that really like to add a cherry on top. Check out this set from Sur la Table. Topping server, bowls and spoons! How could you not host an ice cream party with this set?!


My good friend Oddnumbereven sent me  a link  to the Shiney Shack. They have a heap of food themed lip glosses. Delish!Lip Gloss - Wild Berry TartIce Cream Lip Balm - Strawberry

Doughnut Lip Gloss - Chocolate

Chocolate Truffle Lip Balm


Who has a cupcake seat, gummi bear lights and an ice cream bench?

Jellio does!

Beer goggles

Why settle for these classic beer glasses from Shades of Fun?

Beer Bottles Beer Mug Sunglasses, great for Oktoberfest Celebrations or any time you get together with your fraternity brothers or Beer Club

When they also have these awesome glasses!

ice cream cone sunglasses

pineapple sunglasses

Toy Food

I forgot that I had seen this in a while, but here is Neil Cicierega’s (of Harry Potter Puppet Pals fame) song featuring toy food.

Not real food. Do not eat.

And now to go crazy entering all the tags….