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I have a sore throat today so I’ve been thinking about lemon and honey. But these versions are not yummy, they are just kinda cool.

Honey comb ring from soflamasri at etsy.

Dripping honey pot wind charm from Uncle Big Bad’s World of Whatever.

Lemon slice earrings at Abataba.

Vintage lemon earrings by RobinsEggBlue at Lemon Treasures.

Lemon wind chime from Silk Flower Depot.

It’s all very interesting, but I still have a sore throat.. maybe if I add some ginger?

Ginger root plush from GoBuggy at Etsy.

From time to time I feature a site that is all about Fake Deliciousness. Today it is Ice Cream Bites.

Some of the things it features:


Banana Split Card Game from U.S Games Systems.


Pink ice cream belly button ring.


Hello Kitty Clock radio.

Juicy Juicy

So here I am, haven’t not posted for 2 weeks. 14 days. So lazy am I. I just have days were I don’t feel like posting, and sometimes it feels like too much work.

So my normal catch up solution is to do all the posts at once. But that seems a bit ridiculous for some reason. So instead I’m gonna try out doing 2 posts a day for two weeks.

Since I feel like after 2 weeks of no posting, probably no one else is reading this but me. So I can do it how I like anyway 🙂

My other fear for this site is that I might start posting double ups, loving something so much that I forget I’ve already posted about it. So if I do any double ups and someone points this out, well, I guess I’ll try to do a new post.

Ok, enough rambling, on to something fake delicious. I love these Juicy Couture charms:


That could be my favourite breakfast! I mean, who doesn’t like lemon and wedding cake on the side for breakfast?

This jewellery featuring Popcorn from Q-Pot is awesome!

Featured at Ladies’ Gadgets.

If I saw someone wearing this stuff at the movie theatre I would wonder what they were doing with the junk food spilled on themselves!

Fake Delicious style with food jewellery.

Cupcake RingGolden Sweet

Cupcake ring and golden sweet from Tattooley Rose.

Jewelry thumbnail

Cupcake ring from Emma-Jane & Tan.

Gold and diamond cupcake pendant and cupcake box from 7x7Diamonds.

Sterling Silver Multi-Colored Diamond Cupcake Pendant, 18"

Silver cupcake pendant on Amazon.

And I really love this Betsey Johnson cupcake ring (with mini mouse inside!):



Since yesterday was Valentines day I should feature some heart featured fake delicious items.


Apple heart tart soap from giftilicious.

4.5 red heart cupcake banks 337e.jpg

Cupcake piggy banks with heart sprinkles form Tip Top Tea Shoppe.

Pink & Red Sprinkles Heart Necklace

Sprinkles heart necklace from SapphireSquares at Shanalogic.

Silver Heart Shape Apple Belly Bar

Heart Shaped apple belly ring from amazon.

On this site I’m only using Eggplant.. mostly because it’s easier to spell.


Eggplant Slippers for Toddlers - Click to enlarge

Toddler slippers from Crazy for Bargains.


Eggplant Ceramic Napkin Holder Home Gourmet Collection

Napkin holder from Central Chef.

Useful (if you have high blood pressure):

Eggplant Stress Toys

Stress toy from Fresh Promotions.


Antique Yves Saint Laurent from Decades Inc.

My dad really likes Liquorice all sorts, so I’ve been trying to think of more things to add with them. But I’m just sticking to bracelets today.

Liquorice Allsorts Designer Bracelet / Bangle

From Bountifultreasures.

From Handmade By Me.

Large image

From My Beady Eye at Folksy.

This roast duck necklace was designed by Sindy Yu using 3D scanning technology!



I collect Pandora charms, and there are lots of other European style bracelet charms out there which are also very stylish and cute.

Here are some food related Pandora ones (unfortunately I don’t own any of them yet – drat!).

(Silver charm)(Sterling silver, amethyst)(Silver charm, 14ct)

(Silver charm, 14ct)(Silver charm, 14ct)(Silver charm, 14ct)