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Box it

I love the idea of storing your lunch in a food shaped container. It’s like the urge to eat the fake deliciousness is satisfied immediately.


If I were an apple or pear and had a banana for a friend, of course I would also use him as my own personal raft.

Or maybe I got it wrong. Are bananas the slaves of the fruit world?

Fruity lunch box from From Japan with love.

Main Product Picture - click to enlarge

Hamburger lunch box!!! from DealExtreme.

It even breaks down in layers.

Fruity Tea

I remember a time in a bar when my friend asked for a fruity long island iced tea cocktail. Instead she got fruit cut into bits in ice tea. We were all a bit baffled about why they would have it on their menu when they obviously didn’t know what it was. New staff, I guess.

Since it was more about catching up rather than getting drunk, my friend got the whole pot of tea for about a 6th of the price of the cocktail, and just had a quiet word to the staff when we left.

Anyway, this memory was brought about by these fruity tea infusers:

Trudeau Silicone Tea Infuser & Cup Lid Set Trudeau Silicone Tea Infuser & Cup Lid Set Trudeau Silicone Tea Infuser & Cup Lid Set

from La Prima Shops.

Tea Infuser - Pear

From Shiny Shack.

I think it would be cool if cocktails came with these!

Just realised.. it’s that yellow strawberry again! One day I will eat you!

Thought I’d take a look at what free vintage food art you can get online and I found these:

freevintageimagesretrofoodclipart4.jpg freevintageimagesretrofoodclipart1.jpgfreevintageimagesretrofoodclipart6.jpg

Lovely art from



Vintage Fruit Crate labels from Vintage Holiday Crafts.

Quilted Fruit

It’s a bit like the opposite for fruit salad. Mix up different bits to make just 1 piece of fruit.

Fruit designs from Steve Haskamp.

Juicy Fruit Pattern Large Image

Runners and Table mats by Pieced Tree at Create for less.

Fruit Salad Pincushions Pattern Miss Rosie's Quilt Company

Pin cushions at Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. from Fat Quarter Shop.

Bag o fruit

I saw these adorable purses and bags at Magnolia today, so had to put them on here.

I really like the apple zip tag.

The bags are from Fruit Tree are here at Totally Funky as well.

Shake it up!

Once again embracing my fondness for food shaped food servers, here are some neat Salt and Pepper shakers.


Spice it up with this Chili pair from Stacey’s Simple Stuff.

"The Perfect Pair" Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker"The Perfect Pair" Salt & Pepper Shaker Favors

Perfect Pair shakers from HotRef. Seems that Salt and Pepper shakers are a big idea for wedding favours. Kind of makes sense.



Egg and sausage and Cupcake shakers from Andy Titcomb.

Cosy and cute

If you like a pot of tea, you might also like these cosy’s to keep them not!

Tea Cosy Kit - Strawberry

This adorable strawberry one is from Laughing Hens.

This collection is actually a set of mini fruit and vege themed tea pots with mini cosies!

Found them at this Annelies de Kort site. They are so super cute! I can’t believe they were hand knitted.

She also included some close ups. Here’s one the corn one. Amazing!

Take aways

Via We Covet: Cake handbag from Tokyo Jazz Panda.

Cake Handbag

Via style frizz: Red Delicious and Anjou Pear from Judith Leiber:

Red Delicious

Anjou Pear

Hambag and friends from Garudio Studiage: