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I have a sore throat today so I’ve been thinking about lemon and honey. But these versions are not yummy, they are just kinda cool.

Honey comb ring from soflamasri at etsy.

Dripping honey pot wind charm from Uncle Big Bad’s World of Whatever.

Lemon slice earrings at Abataba.

Vintage lemon earrings by RobinsEggBlue at Lemon Treasures.

Lemon wind chime from Silk Flower Depot.

It’s all very interesting, but I still have a sore throat.. maybe if I add some ginger?

Ginger root plush from GoBuggy at Etsy.

Ham cuddles

Well, I would cuddle this bone of ham:

Hambone Ham Hock Plush toy and Pillow

and this steak

Stuff Boef T-bone Steak Plush toy and Pillow

From Sweet Meats.

From what I can tell this Japanese plush cat called Nyan Nyan Nyank0 likes to crawl inside of things/become things… tissue boxes, pillows, and quite a lot of food.

Here are a few of the plushes you can get at From Japan with love. I’m using this site a lot lately, because it’s got so much fake delicious fodder.

Cute Japanese Plush-Nyan Nyan Nyanko Corn Soup-San-X

Bowl of corn soup.

Cute Japanese Plush On A Chain-Nyan Nyan Nyanko Juice

Orange Juice

Cute Japanese Plush On A Chain-Nyan Nyan Nyanko Cream Puff S Size

Cream puff

Nyan Nyan Nyanko Plush On A Chain - 3 Color Rice Cake Nyanko

3 colour rice cakes

Sleepy Joe

This little egg is named Joe, he is also available in ‘Sleepy Joe’ mode.

He kinda looks like a very fat ghost! He’s from the Mr Toast Store at the imaginary world. Typing that really made me feel like I’m in a kids’ story.


Mmmmm these are so cute and delicious looking, it makes me wish I had plushie hot chocolate to dunk them in.

From StrawberryGlitter at deviantART.

Bowl of marshmallows by ~coconut-lane. Who also features a tutorial.

Mini Marshmallow Plush Toy...pale green

From scrumptiousdelight.


So do these count as food? They are definitely common milk containers.. so I’m gonna say yes!

Scented Eraser Pack

Scented milk container erasers from Gift Ideas UK. Sent to me by the lovely Oddnumbereven.

Porcelain Milk Carton Vase

Porcelain milk carton vase from Modern Dose.

Milk Carton Plush with straw (whole milk)

Milk carton plush from mypapercrane on etsy.

Heidi Kenney

Heidi Kenney is a bit of an inspiration for this blog. She makes amazingly cute plushies, often of food.

Check out her site My Paper Crane.

Oh man!

In celebration of the ginger bread stuffed Turkey I ate today, here are some Gingerbread Man themed items.

 Sexy Boy

Sexy boy massage bar from Lush.

Image of Gingerbread Dice

Gingerbread dice in soap from Geeky Clean.

Large image

Gingerbread man soap from lilywhites-handmade at Folksy.

Image of Anna Chambers Gingerbread Man #20

Anna Chambers’ gingerbread man from Schmancy.


Tom Arma Gingerbread baby costume.

You see Sushi

I personally LOVE when people make things sushi themed. Luckily there is plenty of it.


Sushi Hair Clippies by STUDIOofWHIMSY at Etsy.

Sushi Bouffant Surgical Hat

I guess the deft hands of a well trained sushi chef could be compared to those of a surgeon. Maybe?

This ‘bouffant hat’ was found at Designer Hospital Gowns.

Adorable Sushi plushies found at ThinkGeek. Salmon + Rice = huggable? Obviously!