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Have a ball

A food themed bowling ball!

Clear Pumpkin Ball

Watermelon ball bowling ball

Strawberry Ball

Pumpkin bowling ball from

Watermelon and strawberry bowling balls from bowler’s dream.

Thought I’d take a look at what free vintage food art you can get online and I found these:

freevintageimagesretrofoodclipart4.jpg freevintageimagesretrofoodclipart1.jpgfreevintageimagesretrofoodclipart6.jpg

Lovely art from



Vintage Fruit Crate labels from Vintage Holiday Crafts.

Well, not that nice. Recently I discovered You Knit What?? a discontinued blog about ridiculous knitting patterns. It featured these three wonders:

And my fave…

I’ve got a cold today, so pumpkin soup is on my mind. Here are some pumpkin bowls that I wish I had… I also wish I had pumpkin soup.

Pumpkin Bowl.jpg

Silver bowl from Annabelle’s.

pumpkin bowl pumpkin bowl pumpkin bowl

Hand painted ceramics from Glorian Ceramics.

Pumpkin Bowl

This cheerful bowl is from Twins Design Christmas.


This bowl is from Mr. Monkeysuit’s blog, it was made at school by a boy. Very cool.

Sew cool!

Cup Cake Pin Cushion

Cupcake pin cushion found at It’s Minnesotan.

Hermione's Tea Cup Mini Pin Cushion

Hermione’s Tea Cup pincushion from Tasket Basket.

Tomato Pin Cushion

Classic tomato pin cushion from The Haberdashery Store. I always think that little one looks like a chili pepper.

Felt Donut Pin Cushion

Felt donut pin cushion by Stacy Sews found at Fave Craft. Love the dessert pins!

Pumpkin Pin Cushion

Pumpkin Boy pin cushions from A Child’s Dream Come True.

Well, Button Queen have these neat sets of food buttons:

English Tea and Crumpets Novelty Buttons

Tea and crumpets.

MMM MMM Veggies Novelty Buttons

Mmmm Mmm vegetables.

Or Pumpkin pie magnet:

Yummy Realistic Pumpkin Pie Refrigerator Magnet

Handmade by Sweetpetitenovelties at

Cosy and cute

If you like a pot of tea, you might also like these cosy’s to keep them not!

Tea Cosy Kit - Strawberry

This adorable strawberry one is from Laughing Hens.

This collection is actually a set of mini fruit and vege themed tea pots with mini cosies!

Found them at this Annelies de Kort site. They are so super cute! I can’t believe they were hand knitted.

She also included some close ups. Here’s one the corn one. Amazing!

Would have had to watch that he didn’t burn his mouth on this one!

Staub Pumpkin Cast Iron Soup Cocotte (what a mouthful!) found at Culina.