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Posts tagged ‘Ring’

I have a sore throat today so I’ve been thinking about lemon and honey. But these versions are not yummy, they are just kinda cool.

Honey comb ring from soflamasri at etsy.

Dripping honey pot wind charm from Uncle Big Bad’s World of Whatever.

Lemon slice earrings at Abataba.

Vintage lemon earrings by RobinsEggBlue at Lemon Treasures.

Lemon wind chime from Silk Flower Depot.

It’s all very interesting, but I still have a sore throat.. maybe if I add some ginger?

Ginger root plush from GoBuggy at Etsy.

My good friend Lucky is getting married today. So to celebrate, here are some food themed rings.

Miniature food pancake ring, complete with creamy pats of butter and golden delicious maple syrup

Pancake ring seen at Mini Mama’s miniatures.

Bento Sushi ring found at Etsy.