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The heading would be a lot cooler if I had a peanut butter jelly watch. Instead, lets just look at these things:

Peanut butter and jelly soaps at Denise’s Yadda Yadda – they also have instructions.

Peanut butter and Jelly key caps from Urban outfitters.

Broccoli bath

I mean, when I think of a luxorious soap in the tub, my mind is obviously drawn (like I’m sure yours is too) to broccoli.

Broccoli Soap

Broccoli soap from Eatsleepshop at etsy.

And not only should broccoli keep you clean, it should also look out for your dish washing liquid bottle. Really protect it.

Broccoli Healthy Green Dish Soap Bottle Apron Cover Fun

Dish soap cover by Bee Lucky Lady on Etsy.

Spring Clean

Well, for those in the Northern Hemisphere it’s time for Spring. So here are some chocolicious soaps to keep you squeaky clean.

CUSTOM - Luscious Chocolate Egg Soaps

Chocolate eggs from robynsnestboutique at Etsy.

SALE - Chocolate Easter Bunny Soap\

Chocolate bunnies from sunbasilgarden on Etsy.

Pickle soap

You heard me – pickle soap. Or Gherkin soap. These things make me think of slimey toads! I’m not sure that they would be fun to bathe with, it would be too much like using the real thing.

These are all from etsy:


From sunbasilgarden.

Cool Cuke Pickle Soap

From LoveLeesoaps.

Ok this one is the really toady one:

In a Pickle Soap

From MollycoddleSoap.

Yesterday was also the start of the Chinese new year. Year of the Tiger to be correct. So lets celebrate with some good fortune… COOKIES!!!

Gold Fortune Cookie BoxGolden fortune cookie keepsake box from Beau-coup.

White Fortune Cookie Bath Fizzer

Bath fizz from Hot ref.

Fortune Cookie Soap

Brightly coloured fortune cookie soap from The Country Club.

USB drive from Vavolo.

Small Fortune coin purse from VICTORE NYC

Coin purse from Victore NYC at Supermarket.

I hope you all have a new year filled with good fortune!

Since yesterday was Valentines day I should feature some heart featured fake delicious items.


Apple heart tart soap from giftilicious.

4.5 red heart cupcake banks 337e.jpg

Cupcake piggy banks with heart sprinkles form Tip Top Tea Shoppe.

Pink & Red Sprinkles Heart Necklace

Sprinkles heart necklace from SapphireSquares at Shanalogic.

Silver Heart Shape Apple Belly Bar

Heart Shaped apple belly ring from amazon.

Slices of pie shaped soaps.

Pumpkin Pie Soap Slice Banana Cream Pie Soap SliceApple Pie Soap Slice

Pumpkin, Banana Cream and Apple Pie Soaps from Soap Cafe.

Peach Lemon Key Lime

Georgia peach, Lemon Meringue and Key Lime from Grammy’s Soap Bakery.

But this time it’s supposed to!

Teach Soap is a site that teaches you how to make soaps. (Informative site name right?)

They also have a gallery where you can look at what other people have made and sometimes learn to do it. Here are some of the many cool ones.

citrus soap tutorial

Realistic citrus soap.


cheese cakes with sauce

Cherry cheesecake.

Fruit Soap

When I was last in Thailand I saw this awesome fruit soap making kit.

So cutes! I can’t read the site where it came from, but it’s over at Girls Channel. I almost bought myself a kit, but it would have been too heavy with the amount of shopping I had already done!

Although I notice the continued trend of the yellow strawberry. Where can I find those?

Oh man!

In celebration of the ginger bread stuffed Turkey I ate today, here are some Gingerbread Man themed items.

 Sexy Boy

Sexy boy massage bar from Lush.

Image of Gingerbread Dice

Gingerbread dice in soap from Geeky Clean.

Large image

Gingerbread man soap from lilywhites-handmade at Folksy.

Image of Anna Chambers Gingerbread Man #20

Anna Chambers’ gingerbread man from Schmancy.


Tom Arma Gingerbread baby costume.