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My little sister likes to shorten Strawberry to strawbs. So baubles and stawberrys might = Strawbles?

Ji Ji Kiki strawberry chocolate necklace

Ji JI Kiki strawberry chocolate necklace.

Chocolate Strawberry Charm Bracelet

Dark Chocolate Strawberry Pendant Dipped In White Chocolate

What’s about town Choc Strawberry charm bracelet and Dipped strawberry pendant.

Juicy Couture Strawberry Charm - photo

Juicy Couture charm.


This post was made with the help of the lovely Tanya who sent me some awesome linkies.

Sundae Sound System from SG Custom Sound. Crazy!

USB treats featured on

USB Mooncakes featured on Boing Boing.

Cone head

I like the look and taste of ice cream cones.. But sometimes they can be a bit messy. So here are some awesome ice cream serving bowls/cups that you could use instead.

Ice Cream Bowl Set

Bonus points for the matching spoons.. Though I’m a little suspicious of that bright blue ‘flavour’. From Oasis.

Gourmac Ice Cream Bowl

Lets add some chocolate and sprinkles with these bowls from Better Homes and Gardens.

Ice Cream Lovers Collection Ice Cream Dishes

Now extend a bit to make it a bit more cone shaped with these servers from HotRef. There’s that yummy blue again.

Ice Cream Topping Carousel

But for those of you that really like to add a cherry on top. Check out this set from Sur la Table. Topping server, bowls and spoons! How could you not host an ice cream party with this set?!

Lego food

Why have I not looked this up sooner?!


Lego Eggo by Jonathan Eric Hunter.

15 oishii by "Big Daddy" Nelson

Lego Sushi found at “Big Daddy” Nelson’s flickr stream.

Then, via this awesome Soothbrush post about burger shaped things (totally awesome – includes a motor bike, bed, dress, fabric burger etc) I found this:

A lego burger meal by Sachiko. Click link for more pics which show a faces in the burger and one of the fries. Cutes!

Sachiko also made these:

Jumbo fruit parfait!

Sweets memory – cake with photo frame inner.

McDonald’s Big Mac set!

Also check out the backpack lunchbox (with lego food).

Cold kisses

Sigh, I forgot to post yesterday after getting back in town for the wedding. So it is double delicious posts today.

Firstly, ice cream lip glosses!

Cute little cones from Karma Kiss. Nice touch to have all the ice cream scoops different sizes and toppings. It makes it much more collectable. Bonus, it’s also a pen!

These are being sold at Wonderful Wedding Favours. Not sure if the guys would find this such a cool favour, but I would be over the moon to see them at a wedding! Imagine a sweet shop themed wedding.

If you had erasers like these, you would either make mistakes on purpose so you could use them, or try hard never to make mistakes so you could keep them forever.

Gummy Bear Eraser/Sharpener

Found these cute Gummi Bear erasers from See Jane Work via a distinctly awesome Gummi Bear related post by Jessie at The Hungry Mouse.

Sundae and chocolate biscuit from itasho mini eraser collection. They have some adorelicious erasers over there.

I’m sure I used to have a set of these when I was little. Either that or I was envious of another girl in my class who must have had them. They are fruit slices but they look like candies too. Found at Daytona Vending.

Food Fabrics

I would imagine you would have very sweet dreams if you went to bed with a quilt made of these fabrics.

Apple Pies Fabric

Apple pies from J & O Fabrics.


Chocolates on pink from Elkabee’s Fabric Paradise.


Sundaes by Michael Miller from Fabric Lovers.

Fortune cookies and Sushi fabrics by Dan Morris from Robert Kaufman.