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Sushi cat

My workmate sent me a link to this game:

Sushi Cat

It’s a game where you drop a Cat and try to feed it all the sushi. It needs to eat the sushi to get fat enough to get the girl cat that it loves.. It doesn’t really need to make sense. It has cute sushi and a cute blobby cat!

Sushi Train

Ok, this almost blew my mind! Too cute!! Finding it hard to type..


From Lark Handmade, the kids can make up the sushi pieces, and look at all those accessories! Adorable. The plates are even different colours just like in a real sushi train.

Sushi Tie

So there you are, sitting at a moving Sushi train, and you can’t decide which Sushi to pick. Just hold your tie out, close your eyes and pick! Or you could just do the same and whichever sushi is in front of you at the time, just pick that. But you should still wear the tie, just to you know, be cool.

Click to EnlargeClick to Enlarge

In ‘Ginger’ or Blue at PEM Shop.

Ok not just fruit because there is that one teacup set one. But these adorable sponges are found at From Japan with love.

Kawaii Cute Kitchen Sponge Set-3 in 1-Pot And BowlCute Japanese Sponge - GrapeCute Japanese Sponge-Cute Orange Apple And Peach

Cute Japanese Sponge-Cute BananaCute Japanese Sponge-Onigiri-Cute Rice BallCute Japanese Sponge-Mikan-Cute Orange

Cute Japanese Sponge-Cute OmeletteCute Japanese Sponge-Ringo-Cute Apple

Solar Sushi

I saw one of these in a sushi restaurant, and ashamedly it took me a while to realise that it was a salmon sushi nodding away at me, not a random ginger haired boy.


and then I found his friends:

wholesale Buy Wholesale Solar Powered Shook Sushi Taro (NTBG-CASA001) US$ 3.97

Bobble head solar toys from emixt.

Sushi Boy Solar Toys (DYS-099-2)

Sushi Boy Solar Toys (DYS-099-4)

and from

Ok, over the top nail art kind of grosses me out. But, I have to tip my hat to these promoters of the fake delicious.

watermelon nails.jpg

Watermelons featured at Cakehead – where they talk about nail art vending machines!

1UPcoolpics or Y*U*M*M*Y ( I can’t figure out what they are actually called) features some amazing pics of nail art, including these fast food and candy ones:

A 3D ice cream set from ioffer.


Sushi set featured at Fashion Freak and the Friction.


I also found out you can buy these polymer clay tubes which you slice to put on your nails.


These are from Ali Express.

And here is an example of how you can use them:


From My Tiny World – and they also have tutorials.


This post has been written so that the tags show that we are more hungry for Baby!

3-Tier Diaper Cake Baby Shower Centerpiece Gift Basket - Modern Cherries

Diaper cake – 55 diapers and 2 fleece blankies from Baby Stores.

If you want to learn how to make Sushi baby socks follow this link to Zakka Life.

Or if you would rather leave it up to the professionals here is a very cute Suchi Bento from The Silly Wagon:

It has wash cloths and finger puppets!

And to finish with something sweet:

Cupcake washcloth and baby socks with bath bomb flower or heart shape on top GREAT FOR BABY SHOWERS or BIRTHDAYS

Washcloth, socks and bath bomb cupcake from Boutique Baby Bouquets on Etsy.

Get to work!

Have fun while working by using these food themed stationary items.

Sushi Stapler--    -    -    Sushi Stapler

Sushi staplers found at Girlz Lyfe. Good thing it’s only for stapling your work, not spell-checking it.


Chocolate bar pencil case from Chocolate Circle, which also stocks plenty of other food themed items.


Croissant pen from Bizzare fun.

My first post was in November, and although I consider this blog still in it’s ‘just up and running’ phase, I think I’ve done pretty well for 3 months. At some stage I really need to work with my friends, and get this place looking better, and fix up all the glitches with pictures in the past posts.

On the plus side, I always include the links if it’s something I saw online, so you can always go check them out there.

Since we’re talking about time, lets look at some watches from Whimsical Watches.

Food Watches Classic Silver StyleChocolate Lover Watch in Gold (Unisex)


Baking Watch in Gold (Unisex)


Lobster Roast Watch in Gold (Unisex)


Sushi Watch in Gold (Unisex)Sushi Watch Classic Silver Style


Strawberries Watch Classic Silver StyleStrawberries Watch in Gold (Unisex)


Tasty ears

I saw some of these headphones when I was in Thailand. Although they make me want candy whenever I see them.

Made by Elecom, seen online at gizmodo.

Which made me wonder what over delicious food headphones you could get. So I did a search and found these headsets over at craziest gadgets.

crazy food earphones