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I have a sore throat today so I’ve been thinking about lemon and honey. But these versions are not yummy, they are just kinda cool.

Honey comb ring from soflamasri at etsy.

Dripping honey pot wind charm from Uncle Big Bad’s World of Whatever.

Lemon slice earrings at Abataba.

Vintage lemon earrings by RobinsEggBlue at Lemon Treasures.

Lemon wind chime from Silk Flower Depot.

It’s all very interesting, but I still have a sore throat.. maybe if I add some ginger?

Ginger root plush from GoBuggy at Etsy.


Don’t this little macarons look adorable. They are felted play toys available from mypoppet. Available in lemon, raspberry or lavender “flavour”.

Thanks to Ming for the link.

So much for me getting 2 posts a day for 7 days or whatever my plan was. I’ll try to catch up.

I think as long as I have done 365 posts by the end of the year I shall be happy with my progress. if that means on that last day I’ll be doing 200 posts on the 12th of November so be it.



Wind up toy tarts and cakes from Spiral and Circle Gift.

Pizza party

Check out this cute wooden pizza party set.


Melissa and Doug Pizza Party set from Spiral and Circle Gift.

Ok, so I don’t really want to go to a party where the pizza is made of wood, but I’m sure if you also served the real stuff it would be a blast.

Sushi Train

Ok, this almost blew my mind! Too cute!! Finding it hard to type..


From Lark Handmade, the kids can make up the sushi pieces, and look at all those accessories! Adorable. The plates are even different colours just like in a real sushi train.

Ice cream art

These guys are pretty cool looking.. I almost didn’t get my own pun then. Sigh, that’s pretty bad. Anyway back to these ice cream guys. They are designed by Okkle and found at Rivet.

Original art for Rivet's 02/2010 exhibition

Original art for Rivet's 02/2010 exhibition

Original art for Rivet's 02/2010 exhibition

Ham cuddles

Well, I would cuddle this bone of ham:

Hambone Ham Hock Plush toy and Pillow

and this steak

Stuff Boef T-bone Steak Plush toy and Pillow

From Sweet Meats.

Pink dough

Soft clay cake and biscuit making kit. It looks so cute and yummy!


Found at From Japan with love.


Peas in pods are so cute! So here are a bunch more:

Two Peas in a Pod - gorgeous little vege-babies for your nature table display!

Pod babies from Secret Garden at Felt.

Peas In Pod Stress Toys

Pea in pod stress toys from Fresh Promotions.


Pea pod cushion from Janet’s Creative Pillows.

Solar Sushi

I saw one of these in a sushi restaurant, and ashamedly it took me a while to realise that it was a salmon sushi nodding away at me, not a random ginger haired boy.


and then I found his friends:

wholesale Buy Wholesale Solar Powered Shook Sushi Taro (NTBG-CASA001) US$ 3.97

Bobble head solar toys from emixt.

Sushi Boy Solar Toys (DYS-099-2)

Sushi Boy Solar Toys (DYS-099-4)

and from