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melon head

Today my dad and I were discussing bike helmets and the safety laws. So I thought I would try and find a food related helmet that would be cool enough to encourage people to wear helmets.

Nutcase Little Nutty Watermelon Bike Helmet - Kid's

Watermelon bike helmet found at Rei. I think it’s only for kids though.

And as an added bonus check out this sweet bike bell!

cupcake gift  bicycle bell

Found on etsy sold by dringdring.

Have a ball

A food themed bowling ball!

Clear Pumpkin Ball

Watermelon ball bowling ball

Strawberry Ball

Pumpkin bowling ball from

Watermelon and strawberry bowling balls from bowler’s dream.

Fruit knits

From TrulyScrumptious, you can buy these cute knitted fruit sets.


Thanks to Omi for sending me the link.

Fruity Cuties

So in my internet wanders I came across Fruity Cuties. A site with ‘corny’ puns and cute characters which you can buy on these buttons and shirts:

Fruity Cuties button badge set 2 - Melon, Coconut, Strawberry and PeachFruity Cuties button badges - Starfruit, Orange, Banana skin, Cherry twins

Berry Rude T-shirt

Incredibly Cute and Fruity – go figure!

Quilted Fruit

It’s a bit like the opposite for fruit salad. Mix up different bits to make just 1 piece of fruit.

Fruit designs from Steve Haskamp.

Juicy Fruit Pattern Large Image

Runners and Table mats by Pieced Tree at Create for less.

Fruit Salad Pincushions Pattern Miss Rosie's Quilt Company

Pin cushions at Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. from Fat Quarter Shop.

Ok, over the top nail art kind of grosses me out. But, I have to tip my hat to these promoters of the fake delicious.

watermelon nails.jpg

Watermelons featured at Cakehead – where they talk about nail art vending machines!

1UPcoolpics or Y*U*M*M*Y ( I can’t figure out what they are actually called) features some amazing pics of nail art, including these fast food and candy ones:

A 3D ice cream set from ioffer.


Sushi set featured at Fashion Freak and the Friction.


I also found out you can buy these polymer clay tubes which you slice to put on your nails.


These are from Ali Express.

And here is an example of how you can use them:


From My Tiny World – and they also have tutorials.

How about these here awesome fruit speakers.

Fruit Style Personal Musical Speaker Neck Pillow for iPod or MP3 Player

Strawberry Red Sound Music Speaker Pillow for 3.5mm mp3 mp4

Fruit cushion speakers from Sourcing Map.

USB Computer Speaker Squash Vegetable Fruit Speaker Pair

Squash speaker from Amazon.

Watermelon - Click Image to Close
Purple Cabbage - Click Image to Close
Banana - Click Image to Close

Laptop speakers from Web Shop.

Toy Food

I forgot that I had seen this in a while, but here is Neil Cicierega’s (of Harry Potter Puppet Pals fame) song featuring toy food.

Not real food. Do not eat.

And now to go crazy entering all the tags….

I love the look of ceramic food platters. I guess it’s the serving food on food thing.

Here are some cool ones from Pugsly’s Trading Post.

Fruit Soap

When I was last in Thailand I saw this awesome fruit soap making kit.

So cutes! I can’t read the site where it came from, but it’s over at Girls Channel. I almost bought myself a kit, but it would have been too heavy with the amount of shopping I had already done!

Although I notice the continued trend of the yellow strawberry. Where can I find those?